Football - 2013 Fan Testimonials

Football - Fan Testimonials
By Cal Athletics on Sun, July 07, 2013

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Fan Testimonials


Kasia and Dani - 7-year season ticket holders
"We had Blue Zone tickets one year, but much prefer the GoldZone! We love sitting there to see the Cal Band take the field, the team taking the field, and being in position to catch game items from players after the game. We've become friends with other season ticket holders around us - it is a great feeling to be there together to cheer for the Bears!"

Clifton Hom - 10-year season ticket holder
"As an alumni, football season gives me a fantastic reason to visit Berkeley 6-7 times in the Fall and be a part of the spirited campus atmosphere, see friends from all over the country who come into town for the game, and root for my team in one of the most beautiful stadium settings in the world."

Julie Cox - 5-year season ticket holder
"We never followed college football before our daughter started at Cal. Once she was there, we took the opportunity to attend the games and see her. We have since become addicted to Cal football and love each and every moment. We are looking forward to a new season with a new coach."

Gordon Greenlee - 61-year season ticket holder
"Being a season ticket holder not only gives me and my family the enjoyment of attending all the games, but is a way of returning something to the University that gave me my education."

Susan Macaulay - 30-year season ticket holder
"I truly can't imagine not being a season ticket holder and even kept my tickets for the 11 years I lived in Illinois. Fall is Cal football. I love going to the games; seeing the band come onto the field gives me goosebumps."

Roger Bird - 37-year season ticket holder
"Every game day we have a great tailgate, with up to 20 people. Cal football has been a major part of my life since I was 6. Now I am 61, and I am still excited about every game."

Schuyler Bailey - 5-year season ticket holder
"[The Gold Standard Customer Service Initiative] makes us feel appreciated for all we do for Cal, and gives us a warm & fuzzy personal contact when we have questions - rather than trying the switchboard and trying to deal with THAT!"

Mike Stoops - 35-year season ticket holder
"The addition of the Gold Standard customer service has been a wonderful addition to the Cal Athletics fan experience. The staff is well-trained, knowledgeable, helpful, and very friendly. In my experience, the commitment of the staff to high quality customer service has been excellent."

Bob Infelise - 14-year season ticket holder
"My wife and I are season ticket holders because as soon as DeSean fielded that punt, you just knew he was taking it to the house. Because once we got to triple overtime, SC didn't stand a chance. Because on what would be the last play of his college career, Jahvid would not be denied. Because there's no better place to watch a football game. Because the Bear never dies."


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