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For questions or to place a group tickets orders, please contact SCSU Group Ticket Manager Matt Chapman at mcchapman@stcloudstate.edu or 320-308-2137.

            Group Ticket Prices        Group   Tickets             


   Women's Soccer         $6   $4    $2    

Women's Hockey

















Men's & Women's Basketball
$10 $5  $5 


  Men's Hockey  $20 $10 $5


  Men's Hockey  $25 $20 $10 

Premium Prices May Apply   


Men's Hockey

   $35    $30    $25 Premium Prices May Apply  



Free Tickets for Youth Teams up to 8th Grade

Looking for an outing for your son or daughters youth team?  How about coming to enjoy a Huskies Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, or Soccer game?  Or come root for our defending National Champion Wrestling team. All youth teams up to 8th Grade are welcome to enjoy any of our sporting events all year long.  The youth team and it's coaching staff get in FREE!  (Free tickets are based on availability and there must be a minimum number of adult tickets purchased at a discounted rate.  This number varies by sport).  For more information please contact the athletic ticket office.  We look forward to hearing from you!    




Fundraising with the Huskies

Looking to raise money for your organization or club? Here's how it works: you pick a game to sell tickets for and SCSU sells or consigns you the number of tickets you think you can sell for that game. Your group sells tickets for full price and when you sell between 20-99 tickets you will make $3-5 on every ticket sold. When you sell 100 or more tickets you'll make $5-$10 per ticket sold. Its' that easy, sell 100 tickets and you've already raised $500-$1000 for your group.