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VMI Athletic Communications:

Wade Branner, Associate AD for Athletic Communications
Contact for Basketball, Football, VMI Radio Network and Video Event Production
Phone: 540-464-7515

Daniel Whitehead, Associate Athletic Communications Director
Contact for M&W Track and Field, M&W Cross Country,  Women's Soccer, Rifle, Lacrosse | Secondary Contact for Basketball and Football
Phone: 540-464-7514

Mike Carpenter, Assistant Athletic Communications Director
Contact for Men's Soccer, Wrestling, M&W Swimming and Diving, Water Polo and Baseball
Phone: 540-464-7015

Note - Cadet-Athlete Development staff is responsible for the majority of the information on the Cadet-Athlete Development page. Any questions regarding this information should be directed to that office.
Note #2 - If you are a prospective cadet-athlete attempting to be recruited to play an NCAA sport, please contact a coach affiliated with that sport directly. Athletic Communications does not have any ties to the recruiting process. Thank you for your understanding.
How to reach VMI Athletic Communications:
540-464-7253 OR
VMI Athletic Communications
Cameron Hall
Lexington, VA 24450

Credential Information:

Basketball: Press passes, photography passes, and parking permits will be supplied to those media outlets regularly covering VMI basketball well in advance of the season. All others are requested to call the main Athletic Communciations line (540-464-7253) far enough in advance to allow passes to be mailed. Passes may also be left at will call at the Cameron Hall ticket office.

Football: Appropriate passes and parking permits will be supplied well in advance of the season to those media outlets regularly covering VMI football. All others are requested to call the Athletic Communications main line (see above) far enough in advance so that the passes may be mailed.

Baseball: Media credentials are not needed for baseball, however, media members must contact the SID office in advance in order to request press box seating. This will also allow arrangements to be made for parking and/or photography credentials if needed, as many home games overlap with other athletic events and make parking a challenge. Note that no individuals other than working media, game staff and photographers will be allowed in the press box, and violators may be ejected from Gray-Minor Stadium.

Track & Field: For those individuals planning to cover meets at the CPTF, we welcome you! Please contact the SID office as soon as possible to set up plans and possible credentials. Due to rules governing electronic devices at NCAA track meets, it is crucial to have a credential in order to fully cover a meet, as photographs and video in the competition area are prohibited (again, by NCAA regulation). With a press pass, however, adjustments and planning can be made to avoid any issues.

Press Box/Row Information:

Basketball: All media, both radio networks, and the statistical crew are located on the west side of the court. Wireless internet access is available for all media members on press row.

Football: All press, radio, PA, and statistical crews are located on the fourth floor of VMI's football building, Clarkson-McKenna Hall. Entrance is through the middle door located across from the concession stand behind the stadium, and an elevator will take you to the fourth floor. TV and film crews will work from the top of the press box level, while TV broadcast talent will be located at a designated booth on the fourth floor.

Baseball: As many as eight spaces are available at each game for working members of the media in the press box, located directly behind home plate.

Track & Field: Announcements regarding any press working area for track meets will be sent to those individuals covering the meet ahead of time. 

Note that for other sports, seating can not be assured, so please feel free to call the Athletic Communications office in advance if there is a question about accommodations.

Radio Information:

Basketball: Two telephone lines are currently installed for the official visiting station, and a trade-out agreement is desirable. Additional lines should be ordered through Sprint at 540-463-2121.

Football: Two radio booths are available in the Foster Stadium press box, with one being reserved for the official visiting station. Two telephone lines are installed for that network's broadcast, and a trade-out agreement is desirable. Additional lines should be ordered through the VMI Athletic Communications office one month prior to the contest.

Baseball: Two broadcast booths are available at Gray-Minor Stadium. However, to prevent scheduling conflicts, visiting teams wishing to broadcast games from Gray-Minor Stadium are asked to contact both VMI Associate AD for Athletic Communications Wade Branner (540-464-7515) at least ten days prior to the game.

Any visiting media member wishing to do a broadcast of another VMI athletic event should contact the VMI Athletic Communications staff well in advance of the game day in question to confirm possibilities and arrangements.

Interview Policies:

Basketball: Post-game, coaches will be interviewed outside their respective locker rooms, located on the left and right at the bottom of the ramp on the north end of the Cameron Hall floor. VMI players will be brought out on request.

Football: Coach Wachenheim's post-game press conference, as well as individual player interviews, will take place on the third floor of the football building, one floor beneath the press level. Please coordinate all desired interviews with the VMI Athletic Communications staff.

Baseball: Coach Hadra will be available for interviews upon request following all home games, as will players.

Other sports: Please contact a Athletic Communications representative, and we will attempt to fulfill your request.

For all sports, any interviews outside a post-game setting must be coordinated through the VMI Athletic Communications office. Because cadets do not have phones in their rooms, it is virtually impossible to contact a player directly, thus, we ask for your consideration in all matters concerning interviews. We also ask that all media take players' schedules into account (for example, football interviews are best conducted earlier in the week, etc). Rest assured, we will get the desired interview scheduled as quickly as possible.

Media Meal:

For basketball, food will be provided in the multi-purpose, "green" room of Cameron Hall prior to the game. At football games, all media members will be provided a buffet lunch, as well as soft drinks. Soft drinks and bottled water may be available at other, select VMI athletic events.

It's VMI, Please:

When referring to our athletic teams, it is requested that members of the media refer to this institution as "VMI", or "Virginia Military Institute", not "Virginia Military", "V.M.I." or "Va. Military". Any help in using the correct terminology would be greatly appreciated.


Basketball: All media covering VMI games will be provided appropriate statistics on both teams, rosters, and game notes, which will include conference standings when applicable. A complete statistical package will be available post-game. Please note that box scores printed on press row are for media and team members only, in order to facilitate prompt coverage during the postgame time frame. We apologize for any issues this causes, and we encourage fans and supporters to access live stats on their electronic devices in order to view accurate, in-depth stats at their leisure, as live stats often include specialty stats and in-depth information not available in a traditional box score.

Football: All media in the press box will be provided updated statistics on both teams, flip cards with numerical rosters and current depth charts, and a souvenir program.

Baseball: Statistics and game notes will be provided prior to each game, and a complete box score and play-by-play will be available approximately 10 minutes after the conclusion of each contest. Please note that game programs are provided for fans outside of the Gray-Minor Stadium press box. 

Lacrosse/Soccer: Game notes/programs are available prior to each contest, and a complete box score will be made available as soon as possible after the game's conclusion.

Please note that all information is subject to change.