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University of Georgia Athletic Department Staff Directory
by UGA Sports Communications
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University of Georgia Athletic Association

PO Box 1472 • Athens, Ga. 30603

1 Selig Circle , Athens, Ga. 30602

Main Phone Number (706) 542-9036

Senior Administration
Michael Adams UGA President  
TBA Director of Athletics  
Jere Morehead Faculty Athletics Representative  
Athletic Association Board of Directors
Faculty: President Michael F. Adams - Chairman, Mr. Timothy P. Burgess - Treasurer, Professor Jere Morehead - Secretary Faculty Athletics Representative, Professor Wyatt W. Anderson, Mr. Rodney Bennett, Professor Anne L. Sweaney, Professor Jace Weaver, Professor Scott Weinberg, Professor David Shipley. Alumni: Mr. William C. Archer III, Mr. Robert D. Bishop, Mr. Mack H. Guest III, Dr. Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr., Mr. Donald M. Leeburn III, Mr. Patrick S. Pittard, Ms. Swann Seiler. Students: Ms. Brittany Lee, Mr. Hunter Lainhart, Ms. Grace Taylor
Georgia Athletic Department Staff
Senior Staff
TBA Director of Athletics
Frank Crumley Executive Associate Athletic Director for Finance & Business
Carla Williams Senior Associate Athletic Director / Senior Woman Administrator
Arthur Johnson Associate Athletic Director for Internal Affairs
Alan Thomas Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs
Craig White Associate Athletic Director for Sports and Operations
Claude Felton Associate Athletic Director for Sports Communications
Matt Brachowski Assistant Athletic Director for Event Management
Glada Horvat Assistant Athletic Director for Academics/Eligibility
Eric Baumgartner Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
Charles Whittemore Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities
Dave Muia Special Assistant to the Athletic Director
Sharon Kelley Administrative Assistant to the AD
Head Coaches
David Perno Baseball Head Coach
Mark Fox Men's Basketball Head Coach
Andy Landers Women's Basketball Head Coach
Meghan Boenig Equestrian Head Coach
Mark Richt Football Head Coach  
Chris Haack Men's Golf Head Coach
Kelley Hester Women's Golf Head Coach
Jay Clark Gymnastics Head Coach
Steve Holeman Soccer Head Coach
Lu Harris-Champer Softball Head Coach
Jack Bauerle Swimming and Diving Head Coach
Manuel Diaz Men's Tennis Head Coach
Jeff Wallace Women's Tennis Head Coach
Wayne Norton Track and Field and Cross Country Head Coach
Joel McCartney Volleyball Head Coach
Ben O'Brien Spirit Coordinator
Sport Offices
Coaches - Sport office # in ( )
Baseball (706-542-7971) Soccer (706-425-3139)
Men's Basketball (706-542-1432) Softball (706-425-3350)
Women's Basketball (706-542-1176) Swimming & Diving (706-542-7946)
Cross Country (706-542-7915) Men's Tennis (706-542-9348)
Equestrian (706-542-5817) Women's Tennis (706-542-7995)
Football (706-542-1515) Track & Field (706-542-7915)
Men's Golf (706-369-6066) Volleyball (706-542-4788)
Women's Golf (706-369-6066) Cheerleading (706-542-1172)
Gymnastics (706-542-7934)    
Administrative Staff
Frank Crumley Executive Associate Athletic Director - Finance & Administration
Paige Graham Administrative Specialist I
Stephanie Ransom Director of Business Operations
Jared Benko Assistant Director of Business Operations
Barbara Boyd Travel Coordinator
Denise Hughes Accountant II
To contact any of these staff members by phone, call (706) 542-1306.
Human Resources
Peggy Whitfield Director of Human Resources
Amy Bales Human Resources Assistant
Jennifer Futter Administrative Associate I
To contact any of these staff members by phone, call (706) 542-9259
Ticket Office
Tim Cearley Director of Ticket Operations
Wendy Whittington Assistant Manager of Ticket Operations
Joan Thompson Administrative Associate II
Karen Warther Assistant Manager of Ticket Operations
Michael Vernon Information Analyst II
To contact any of these staff members by phone, call (706) 542-1231.
Sports Communications
Claude Felton Associate Athletic Director for Sports Communications
Tim Hix Associate Sports Communications Director
Christopher Lakos Associate Sports Communications Director
Mike Mobley Associate Sports Communications Director
Steven Colquitt Assistant Sports Communications Director
Leland Barrow Assistant Sports Communications Director
Tanner Tedeschi Assistant Sports Communications Director
Ben Beaty Assistant Sports Communications Director
Loran Smith Executive Secretary, Georgia Bulldog Club
Karen Huff Administrative Associate II
Karlene Lawrence Publications Coordinator
To contact any of these staff members by phone, call (706) 542-1621.
Charles Whittemore Assistant Athletic Director - Facilities
Diane McCauley Administrative Associate II
John Kasay Facilities Supervisor  
James Crawford Facilities Foreman  
Kenny Pauley Director of Athletic Turf Grounds
Melvin Robinson Facilities Mgr II  
Walter Carter Groundskeeper  
Nevel Ollie Maintenance Support  
Roy Winfrey Groundskeeper  
Robert Young Grounds Foreman  
Waymon Dean Groundskeeper  
Rodney Smith Facilities Lead  
Gary Stevens Utility Worker  
Cory Lord Utility Worker  
William Collins Utility Worker  
Qualetter Stroud Utility Worker  
Jeffrey Puryear Groundskeeper  
Tim Pennell Facilities Systems Coordinator
Kellie Baxter Grounds Forman I  
Daniel Moore Grounds Forman I  
Greg Bailey Courier
Vince Muia Facilities  
Kelly McDaniel Butts-Mehre Receptionist
Building Services
Mark Delafchell Building Services Supervisor
Daniel Carruth Building Services Lead  
Gloria Bell Taylor Building Services II  
Donna Johnson Building Services II  
Pam Gilmore Building Services II  
Linda Glenn Building Services II  
Johnnie Thomas Building Services II  
Robert Wright Building Services I  
Jonathan Evans Building Services I  
Jason Galloway Building Services I  
Shirley Saunders Building Services I  
Floyd Zackery Building Services I  
Teri Gabriel Building Services I  
John Meshad Equipment Manager Football
Kevin Purvis Assistant Equipment Manager/Football
Melvin Elder Assistant Equipment Manager/Olympic Sports  
Hunter Hinkle Assistant Equipment Manager/Olympic Sports  
Event Management
Matt Brachowski Assistant Athletic Director - Event Management
Christie Purks Associate Director of Event Management
Dave Williams Assistant Director of Event Management
Scott Hallberg Event Management Assistant
Sarah Doughton Intern  
Keith Hendrix Intern  
To contact any of these staff members by phone, call (706) 542-7944.
Eric Baumgartner Assistant AD - Compliance
Michelle Francis Associate Director of Compliance
Student Services
Carla Williams Senior Associate AD for Student Services and SWA
Glada Horvat Assistant AD for Academics/Eligibility
Lesley Black Associate Director for Student Services
Robert Miles Director of CHAMPS/Life Skills
Ted White Director of Academic Services  
Wally Richardson Associate Director of Academic Services
Cory Kopaniasz Academic Counselor
Claire Foggin Academic Counselor
Ken Mongomery Academic Counselor
Rhonda Kilpatrick Academic Counselor
Eric Beverly Academic Counselor
Solomon Hughes Academic Counselor
Rachel Jones Academic Counselor
Lynn Smith Academic Counselor
Sara Bradbury Academic Counselor
Wendy Leblanc Academic Counselor
Dianne Burts Assistant Tutorial Coordinator and Evening Supervisor
Chandra Evans Administrative Associate II
Sarah Dunsmore Administrative Associate I
Gayle McBride Student Services Administrative Assistant
To contact any of these staff members by phone, call (706) 542-8388.
Information Technology
Jeff Daniel Director of Information Technology - Operations and Infrastructure
Ludlow Lawson Director of Information Technology - Client Services
Joyce Chapman Computer Specialist
To contact any of these staff members by phone, call (706) 542-9229.
Alan Thomas Associate Athletic Director for External Operations
Carolyn Center Director of Development
Steven Farmer Director of Capital Support
Bethany Hawkins Director of Georgia Athletic Hospitality
Barbara Hartman Howell Assistant Director of Development/Annual Fund
Jay Lowe Assistant Director of Development/Major Gifts Officer
Dolores Hughes Gifts Receiving Manager
Jane Jones Administrative Associate II
Mike Cavan Major Gifts Officer
Amanda Bennett Administrative Associate I
Jana Stough Graduate Asssistant
Marketing and Promotions
John Bateman Director of Marketing
Emily Deitz Director of Promotions
Brenton Shiver Assistant Director of Marketing/Promotions
Phil Carden Marketing Assistant
Lauren Carey Promotions Assistant
Allison Jackson Promotions Assistant
Marketing & Promotions
Athletic Training
Ron Courson Director of Sports Medicine
Steve Bryant Associate Athletic Trainer
Mike Dillon Associate Athletic Trainer
Dean Crowell Assistant Athletic Trainer
Anna Randa Assistant Athletic Trainer
Emily Miller Assistant Athletic Trainer
Shannon Becker Assistant Athletic Trainer
Amanda Langton Assistant Athletic Trainer
Dan Graham Assistant Athletic Trainer
Colby Polhmann Assistant Athletic Trainer
Ruth Gildea Sports Nutritionist
Mike Dew Rehab Coordinator  
Sarah Black Administrative Assistant I
Fred Reifsteck, MD Team Physician
Jeanne Vaughn Athletic Insurance Coordinator
Sports Medicine
View Sports Medicine Staff page
Strength and Conditioning
Dave Van Halanger Director of Strength and Conditioning, Football
Keith Gray 1st Assistant of Strength and Conditioning, Football
Clay Walker Assistant Strength and Conditioning, Football
Katrin Koch Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports
Jeremy Heffner 1st Assistant Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports
Michael Schweigert Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports
Rex Bradberry Nutritionist  
Tyler Jorgensen Strength and Conditioning Intern

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