Tomlinson Stadium-Kell Field

J.A. "Ike" Tomlinson Stadium-Kell Field was opened in 1993. The complex includes Tomlinson Stadium-Kell Field as well as the baseball and indoor workout facilities including an indoor hitting facility for Arkansas State baseball.

The stadium is named after Coach J.A. "Ike" Tomlinson. He was primarily responsible for the rebirth of athletics after World War II. Tomlinson was the baseball coach at Arkansas State University from 1944 to 1976. He currently has the longest running time of any coach at the University. Not only was he the Athletic Director but he also coached many of the athletic programs.

The field was named after George and Skeeter Kell of Swifton, Arkansas. Both brothers played baseball at ASU and went on to play in the major leagues. George was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983.

Lights were installed at the stadium, and Arkansas State hosted its first night baseball games in the 1996 season, thanks in part to the donations and support of many Red Wolf baseball fans. In 2003 the stadium added a batter’s eye in the outfield and this past off season new fencing, entry gates and landscaping was added to the facility.

Tomlinson Stadium-Kell Field has a natural grass surface, and the outfield dimensions are 335 feet down the left and right field lines, 370 to the power alleys and 400 to straightaway centerfield. The outfield wall is eight feet high.