Varsity Club Award Winners

Holy Cross Athletics

The following awards are presented by the Holy Cross Varsity Club each year:
Crusader of the Year
John A. Meegan Athletic Achievement Award
Honorable John P. Cooney Memorial Award
Daniel Allen Sportsmanship Award
Davitt Awards
Richard J. Maloney Award
Samantha Vellaccio Award
Hop Riopel Award
Ray Dobens Award
Philip E. O'Connell Memorial Award

Crusader of the Year
The Crusader of the Year is the most prestigious student-athlete award presented by the Varsity Club. It is awarded to a senior who has excelled not only in varsity athletics, but also in the classroom and the community, and has been prominent in campus activities.

1955 Robert F. Cooney (Football)
1956 Thomas W. Heinsohn (Basketball)
1957 Richard J. Arcand (Football, Baseball)
1958 William A. Merritt (Track & Field)
1959 Thomas W. Greene (Football, Lacrosse)
1960 Charles D. Pacunas (Football, Lacrosse)
1961 John P. Connors (Basketball)
1962 John E. Foley (Basketball)
1963 Thomas P. Hennessey (Football, Track & Field)
1964 Robert Murphy (Football)
1965 John Wendelken (Basketball, Baseball)
1966 Thomas F.X. Foley (Football, Lacrosse, Swimming & Diving)
1967 R. Peter Kimener (Football)
1968 John T. Collins (Track & Field)
1969 Edward F. Siudut (Basketball)
1970 Arthur Dulong (Track & Field)
1971 John E. Adams (Basketball)
1972 Stanley E. Grayson (Basketball)
1973 G. Kevin Frawley (Football)
1974 W. Michael Guilfoile (Track & Field, Football)
1975 David S. Morrison (Track & Field)
1976 James J. Grogan (Football)
1977 William M. Doran, Jr. (Basketball, Baseball)
1978 Christopher S. Potter (Basketball)
1979 John P. O'Connor (Basketball)
1980 Ronald K. Perry (Basketball, Baseball)
1981 John Ahern (Football, Baseball) & Callie M. Taffe (Swimming & Diving)
1982 John T. Andreoli (Football)
1983 Dean V. Casagrande (Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer)
1984 George A. Paletta, Jr. (Lacrosse)
1985 Anthony F. Melink (Football)
1986 Thomas M. Patton (Football)
1987 Jerome F. McCabe (Football)
1988 Gordon C. Lockbaum (Football)
1989 Jeffrey W. Wiley (Football)
1990 Thomas P. Lawlor (Track & Field, Cross Country)
1991 James G. Nairus (Basketball)
1992 Peter J. Dankert (Football)
1993 Thomas A. McDonald (Football)
1994 Michael A. Shustak (Ice Hockey)
1995 Lynn A. Liberatore (Track & Field, Cross Country)
1996 Lauren M. Maney (Basketball)
1997 Kathleen M. Courtney (Basketball)
1998 Jacob S. McDowell (Soccer)
1999 Amy O'Brien (Basketball)
2000 Scott K. Hinds (Track & Field)
2001 David W. Puloka (Football, Track & Field)
2002 Emily K. Hogan (Cross Country, Track & Field)
2003 Daniel M. Conti (Track & Field)
2004 Nicholas J. Larsen (Football)
2005 Mary Elizabeth Ryan (Softball)
2006 Tyler D. McGregor (Ice Hockey)
2007 Patricia L. Sutton (Lacrosse)
2008 Christine M. Strawson (Volleyball)
2009 Gerald S. Dickinson (Soccer)
2010 Dominic C. Randolph (Football)
2011 Andrew S. Keister (Basketball)
2012 Stacey N. Hochkins (Ice Hockey)
2013 Brandon T. Nunn (Ice Hockey)
2014 Michael P. Fess (Football)
2015 Terrence M. McKenna (Lacrosse)
2016 Kalif R. Raymond (Football, Track & Field)
2017 Amanda L. Sifferlen (Volleyball)
2018 Zoe Matherne (Cross Country, Track & Field)
2019 Jaclyn M. Brewster (Softball)

John A. Meegan Athletic Achievement Award
Presented to a student-athlete, regardless of class, who competed in a sport other than football, baseball and basketball, and who attained outstanding achievement during his/her college career. This award is given by the club in memory of the late John A. Meegan (Class of 1939), loyal follower of all Crusader sports and esteemed treasurer of the Varsity Club from 1988 to 1996. (Note: Women's basketball players were eligible to win the Meegan Award prior to 2000.)

1970 Larry Murphy (Ice Hockey)
1971 Bob Elliot (Golf)
1972 Tom Carey (Ice Hockey, Tennis)
1973 Richard Comeau, Jr. (Track & Field)
1974 Mark E. Bolduc (Ice Hockey)
1975 Michael E. Gottschalk (Fencing)
1976 James R. Dee (Golf)
1977 James L. Garrity, Jr. (Soccer, Lacrosse)
1978 James B. Murphy (Ice Hockey)
1979 Jeanne L. DelSignore (Field Hockey, Lacrosse)
1980 Janet M. McHugh (Field Hockey, Lacrosse)
1981 Gerald W. Jones (Track & Field)
1982 Jacqueline M. McNiff (Track & Field, Cross Country)
1983 Mary C. Fitzgerald (Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball)
1984 Sherry B. Levin (Basketball)
1985 Janet A. Hourihan (Basketball)
1986 Janet A. Hourihan (Basketball)
1987 Marybeth A. Sacramone (Volleyball, Softball)
1988 Lisa D. Foster (Track & Field)
1989 Lisa E. Hourihan (Soccer, Track & Field)
1990 Therese M. Livingston (Track & Field, Cross Country)
1991 Ann G. Lambiotte (Basketball)
1992 Susan J. Daley (Track & Field)
1993 Norinne M. Powers (Basketball)
1994 Chantal Lacroix (Field Hockey, Lacrosse)
1995 Coleen M. Lynch (Swimming & Diving)
1996 Brian E. Petz (Soccer)
1997 Mark H. Ervin (Track & Field)
1998 Genoa P. Grosch (Softball)
1999 Christine A. Henwood (Rowing)
2000 Brian C. Scollard (Lacrosse)
2001 Jennifer J. Amendola (Lacrosse)
2002 Kimberly V. Rinaldi (Swimming & Diving)
2003 Elizabeth F. Tutella (Field Hockey)
2004 Greg Kealey (Ice Hockey)
2005 Conor M. Devine (Rowing)
2006 Anthony C. Quesada (Ice Hockey)
2007 Tara L. Welch (Field Hockey)
2008 Amy M. Archambault (Lacrosse)
2009 Lesley M. Bautista (Track & Field)
2010 Tiffany C. Reid (Track & Field)
2011 Amy Martin (Lacrosse)
2012 Andrew P. Cox (Ice Hockey)
2013 Brittany K. Gorski (Track & Field)
2014 Stephanie A. Okpoebo (Track & Field)
2015 Matthew J. Ginn (Ice Hockey)
2016 Catherine R. Gildea (Track & Field, Cross Country)
2017 Isabela B. Bagi (Ice Hockey, Tennis)
2018 Maureen A. Connolly (Field Hockey)
2019 Alexandra G. Curtin (Track & Field)

Honorable John P. Cooney Memorial Award
In memory of Judge John P. Cooney '23, this award is presented to a senior letter winner who performed beyond all expectations with courage, loyalty and dedication.

1982 J. Ward Fitzpatrick (Basketball)
1983 Brian P. Kelley (Football)
1984 Bruce W. Kozerski (Football, Track & Field)
1985 John Benzan (Basketball)
1986 Anne E. Read (Rowing)
1987 Mary F. McNaughton (Track & Field, Cross Country, Swimming & Diving)
1988 Maureen E. O'Grady (Track & Field)
1989 Michael Irons (Baseball)
1990 Nicole DeQuattro (Basketball)
1991 Mary Helen Walker (Basketball)
1992 Jill A. Addesa (Swimming & Diving)
1993 Francis R. Powell (Basketball)
1994 Todd J. Araujo (Football)
1995 Joseph O. Cooney (Football)
1996 Kimberley A. Lynch (Basketball)
1997 Karen P. Norton (Soccer)
1997 David A. Streeter (Football)
1998 John S. Sheehy (Baseball)
1999 B. Michael Ortwein (Ice Hockey)
2000 Thomas S. Bestpitch (Football)
2001 Andrea T. Lavigne (Field Hockey)
2002 Rebecca A. Smith (Rowing)
2003 Thomas J. Connors (Swimming & Diving)
2004 William L. Phelan (Track & Field)
2005 Elizabeth B. Corridan (Track & Field)
2006 Kolt M. Bloxson (Ice Hockey)
2007 James M. Sixsmith (Ice Hockey)
2008 Matthew P. Burke (Ice Hockey)
2009 Andrew J. Maggio (Track & Field)
2010 Matthew J. Shapiro (Baseball)
2011 Whitney K. Fremeau (Basketball)
2012 Michael F. Daly (Ice Hockey)
2013 Joshua T. Olson (Baseball)
2014 Jeffrey Reppucci (Ice Hockey)
2015 Laura M. Ryan (Lacrosse)
2016 Matthew C. Vidal (Ice Hockey)
2017 Jacob J. Wieczorek (Football)
2018 Caitlin J. Harty (Soccer)
2019 Jehyve J. Floyd (Basketball)

Daniel Allen Sportsmanship Award
Awarded annually to the player whose unselfish teamwork and dedication to the good of the team reflect the values lived by coach Allen. The winning student-athlete need not be a star or even a starter, but a solid performer with an outstanding attitude whose contributions are not frequently recognized. The award is designed to recognize a student athlete who is dedicated to the good of the team, possesses integrity, and is a great teammate.

2005 Timothy W. McDonnell (Football)
2006 Sean P. Gruber (Football) & Keith R. Simard (Baseball)
2007 Matthew J. Fanning (Football)
2008 Kenneth W. Flanders (Football)
2009 Daryl A. Brown (Football)
2010 Mara A. Piltin (Rowing)
2011 Anthony D. DiMichele (Football)
2012 Michael W. Burns (Swimming & Diving)
2013 George J. Perrotta (Baseball)
2014 Gary Acquah (Football)
2015 Charles T. Murphy (Football)
2016 Jenna E. Scanlon (Soccer)
2017 Madelyn E. Ganser (Basketball)
2018 Jaclyn M. Brewster (Softball)
2019 Martin G. Dorsey (Football) & Lillian J. Puccia (Soccer)

The Davitt Awards

Awarded annually to the outstanding backs and outstanding linemen from the football team. Given by Jim Davitt (Class of 1913) of Holyoke, who played football and ran track as a Holy Cross undergraduate, in memory of his brother, Rev. William Davitt (Class of 1907), who was the last officer to lose his life in World War I. (Note: Beginning with the 1971 season, both an offensive and defensive lineman and an offensive and defensive back have been selected. The players listed on the first line for each season are from the offense, and the players listed on the second line are from the defense.) 

      Lineman                                Back
1959  Ken Desmarais                          Mike Cunningham
1960  John Timperio                          Tom Hennessey
1961  John Fellin                            Al Snyder
1962  Jon Morris                             Al Snyder
1963  Jon Morris                             Jim Marcellino
1964  Tom Nissi                              Jack Lentz
1965  Mike Adessa                            Earl Kirmser
1966  Glenn Grieco                           Jack Lentz
1967  Glenn Grieco                           Phil O'Neill
1968  Bob Neary                              Phil O'Neill
1969  Not Awarded                            Not Awarded
1970  Ed McGilvery                           Joe Wilson
1971  Bill Adams                             Joe Wilson
      Dan Harper                             Bill Stachowski
1972  Bernie Galeckas                        Steve Buchanan
      Mike Lehman                            John Provost
1973  Kevin Kolanda                          Steve Buchanan
      Lou Kobza                              Tyree Blocker
1974  Dave Quehl                             Bob Morton
      Lou Kobza                              John Provost
1975  Leroy Smith                            Dave Quehl
      Lou Kobza                              Larry Prior
1976  Mike Pizzotti                          Brian Doherty
      John Trimbach                          Mark Vollman
1977  Robert Hurley                          Stephen Hunt
      Michael McDonnell                      Herbert Mihalik
1978  Robert Hurley                          Peter Colombo
      James Howlett                          Glenn Verrette
1979  Jack McGovern                          Phil Johnson
      Steve Gannon                           Glenn Verrette
1980  Mark Chiungos                          John Ahern
      Steven Raquet                          Curt Bletzer
1981  Vincent Conca                          David Boisture
      Rob Roncarati                          Bill Pearson
1982  Brian Marcucio                         Andy Clivio
      Frank Mattiace                         Harry Flaherty
1983  Bruce Kozerski                         Gill Fenerty
      Peter Quinlan                          Harry Flaherty
1984  Kevin Garvey                           Peter Muldoon
      David Neilson                          Bill McGovern
1985  Kevin Reilly                           Gill Fenerty
      Ed Kutschke                            Jerry McCabe
1986  Ron George                             Gordie Lockbaum
      Andy Martin                            Jerry McCabe
1987  Ron George                             Gordie Lockbaum
      Andy Martin                            Dave Murphy
1988  Mark Stoy                              Joe Segreti
      Tom Smith                              Rob McGovern
1989  Bob Laliberte                          Joe Segreti
      Tim Downing                            Dave Murphy
1990  Joe Foy                                Joe Segreti
      Andy Hertz                             Craig Callahan
1991  Pat Gibson                             Jerome Fuller
      Corey Vincent                          Chris Kovath
1992  Ed Coburn / John Zufall                Eric Sampson
      Tom McDonald                           Greg Draddy
1993  Mike Flannagan                         Chris Summers
      Mark Kirk                              Todd Araujo
1994  Joe Cooney                             Anthony Pignio
      Sam Leo                                Pat Smith
1995  Tom Claro                              Jamie Gornell
      Matt Faery                             Terrence Browning
1996  Mike Zimirowski                        Jeff Laboranti
      Bryan Hoffman                          Eric Godlewski / David Streeter
1997  Eric Scholten                          Jeff Laboranti
      Dominic Blue                           Sedrick Rogers
1998  Patrick Quay                           J.R. Walz
      Joel Beck                              Barrett Doxsey
1999  Patrick Quay                           Tony Thompson
      Tavares Brewington                     John Aloisi / Tom Bestpitch
2000  Patrick Quay                           Brian Hall
      David Puloka                           Michael Blake
2001  Jefferson Exil                         Brian Hall
      James Jenkins / Sammy Siaki            Michael Blake / Vernell Shaw
2002  Roger Schwarb                          Brian Hall
      Nick Soivilien                         David Dugan
2003  Steve Fox                              Ari Confesor
      Nick Nelthorpe                         Ben Koller
2004  David Cannon                           Steve Silva
      Nick Nelthorpe                         David FitzPatrick
2005  David Cannon                           Steve Silva
      Chris Nielsen                          Casey Gough
2006  Andrew Schoepfer                       Ryan Maher
      Chris Nielsen / John Markus Pinard     Casey Gough
2007  Dan Nolan                              Ryan Maher
      Mark Kelliher                          Casey Gough
2008  Aaron Jones                            Jon Brock
      Alex Carson                            Daryl Brown
2009  Aaron Jones / Chris Poole              Bill Edger
      Anthony Campbell / Nicholas MacDonald  Anthony DiMichele
2010  Mike McCabe                            Bill Edger / Freddie Santana
      Mude Ohimor                            Alex Johnson
2011  Mike McCabe                            Gerald Mistretta
      Jack Maliska                           Ricky Otis
2012  Sean Whited                            Mike Fess
      Gary Acquah                            Tom Mannix
2013  Casey Bessemer / Kyle Pedretty         Peter Pujals
      Daryl Howell                           Matt Bhaya
2014  Jay Knighton                           Peter Pujals
      Mike Galantini                         John Zakrzewski
2015  James Murray                           Peter Pujals
      Mike Galantini                         Matt Bhaya
2016  James Murray                           Brendan Flaherty
Dewayne Cameron / Ryan Smith Nick McBeath 2017 James Murray Peter Pujals Jack Kutschke Nick McBeath
2018 Brian Foley Geoff Wade
Teddy Capsis Akeem Walcott

Richard J. Maloney Award
Commemorating a loyal contributor to the Crusader men's basketball program, this award is given to the member of the team who best exemplifies Mr. Maloney's spirit and energy on behalf of Holy Cross.

1981 Garrett D. Witts
1982 Kevin M. Greaney
1983 Christopher M. Logan
1984 Patrick R. Elzie
1985 David D. Hohman
1986 Brian R. Reale
1987 Dennis P. Ahern
1988 William J. Meyer
1989 Glenn Williams
1990 Dwight F. Pernell
1991 Aaron R. Jordan
1992 Leon R. Dickerson, III
1993 Ricky D. Mashburn & William E. Walker
1994 Robert M. Feaster
1995 Robert M. Feaster
1996 Brian M. Lockhart
1997 Ian A. Dombroski
1998 Jonathan B. Kerr
1999 Christopher G. Spitler
2000 Joshua G. Sankes
2001 Jared P. Curry
2002 Ryan J. Serravalle
2003 Timothy S. Szatko
2004 Jave R. Meade
2005 John F. Hurley & Gregory L. Kinsey
2006 Kevin B. Hamilton, Jr.
2007 Keith M. Simmons & Torey J. Thomas
2008 Timothy P. Clifford
2009 Patrick J. Doherty & Alexander J. Vander Baan
2010 Eric H. Meister
2011 Andrew W. Beinert
2012 Michael V. Cavataio
2013 Jordan W. Stevens
2014 David J. Dudzinski
2015 Malcolm L. Miller
2016 Cullen M. Hamilton
2017 Malachi K. Alexander
2018 Jehyve J. Floyd
2019 Matthew B. Zignorski

Samantha Vellaccio Award
In memory of Samantha Vellaccio, this award is given annually to the varsity women's basketball player who best exemplifies the mission of Holy Cross on and off the court.

2000 Veronica R. Jutras
2001 Monika L. Rothemich
2002 Jeanette M. Paukert
2003 Elizabeth A. O'Connor
2004 Mary Rose Campbell
2005 Maggie E. Fontana
2006 Jessica L. Conte
2007 Brittany S. Keil
2008 Laura M. Aloisi
2009 Bethany A. O'Dell
2010 Briana E. McFadden
2011 Whitney K. Fremeau
2012 Meredith L. Ward
2013 Amy M. Lepley
2014 Christine A. Ganser
2015 Clare E. Sullivan
2016 Molly C. Hourigan
2017 Madelyn E. Ganser
2018 Infiniti M. Thomas-Waheed
2019 Margaret L. Locke

Hop Riopel Award
The Riopel Award is presented annually by the Varsity Club to Holy Cross' most outstanding baseball player. It is given in memory of Albert D. (Hop) Riopel, former baseball coach and a 1924 Holy Cross graduate, who won 11 letters as an undergraduate.

1967 Tom Kelly
1968 Jim Conlon
1969 Phil O'Neil
1970 Bill Crowley
1971 Mike Pazik
1972 Colin Clapton
1973 Jim Hughes
1974 Burt D. Bornstein
1975 John S. Gibadlo
1976 Burt D. Bornstein
1977 Richard P. Jasinski
1978 Richard P. Jasinski & Ronald K. Perry
1979 Ronald K. Perry & Neil A. Solomon
1980 Ronald K. Perry, Edward T. Rockwell & Neil A. Solomon
1981 David P. Stenhouse
1982 David P. Stenhouse
1983 James Irzyk
1984 John K. O'Keefe
1985 Gerard L. Cox
1986 Brian R. Reale
1987 David J. Lafontaine
1988 Paul D. Pearl
1989 Brendan P. Grady
1990 David J. Leonard
1991 David J. Leonard
1992 Jerome L. Fuller
1993 James P. Larkin
1994 Paige J. Brennan
1995 Terrence A. Butt
1996 Timothy M. Fortune
1997 Andrew J. Nolan
1998 John S. Sheehy
1999 Jeffrey B. Miller
2000 Jeffrey B. Miller & James P. Sweeney
2001 Peter D. Summa
2002 Peter D. Summa
2003 Michael G. Marron
2004 Tucker P. Frawley
2005 Tucker P. Frawley
2006 Tucker P. Frawley
2007 Brendan W. Akashian & Scott M. Hampe
2008 Brendan W. Akashian
2009 Matthew R. Perry
2010 Nicholas J. Ciardiello, Matthew R. Perry & John D. Sills
2011 Nicholas J. Ciardiello
2012 John M. Colella
2013 Jordan M. Enos
2014 Evan A. Ocello
2015 Alex J. Voitik
2016 Anthony P. Critelli
2017 Anthony P. Critelli
2018 Christopher M. Rinaldi
2019 Austin J. Masel

Ray Dobens Award
Donated by his family to memorialize Ray Dobens, a baseball great of Holy Cross' storied past, this trophy is awarded annually to the school's most improved baseball player.

1986 Michael R. Jaromin
1987 Brian T. Foley
1988 Brendan P. Grady
1989 David J. Leonard
1990 Todd C. Dextradeur
1991 Matthew P. Morgan
1992 Michael J. Neary
1993 Paige J. Brennan
1994 Clement V. Martin
1995 James C. Cook
1996 Daniel F. Morrill
1997 Brian J. Issitt
1998 Daniel F. Morrill
1999 Jason T. Yacavone
2000 Cory M. Czajka
2001 Dale M. Johnson II
2002 D. J. Lucey
2003 Michael G. Marron
2004 Andrew L. Sweeney
2005 James B. Aldrich
2006 Norman J. Roth
2007 Matthew D. Perron
2008 Matthew C. O'Brien
2009 Daniel J. Seip
2010 Ryan G. George
2011 John B. Pedrotty
2012 Jordan M. Enos
2013 Andrew J. Barry
2014 Connor W. Perry
2015 Justin E. Finan
2016 Thomas D. Russo
2017 Kellen J. McCormick
2018 Riley S. Livingston
2019 Andrew W. Selima

Philip E. O'Connell Memorial Award
Founder, president and treasurer of the Holy Cross Varsity Club, in addition to being a member of the Hall of Fame, O'Connell was the life blood of the Varsity Club from its inception until his untimely death in December of 1988. This award is given to a member of the club who has demonstrated outstanding service and loyalty to the club and to Holy Cross.

1989 Philip E. O'Connell (Class of 1932)
1990 Joseph J. Fay (Class of 1932)
1991 Edward M. Brawley, Jr. (Class of 1948)
1992 John A. Meegan (Class of 1938)
1993 John J. Ryan (Class of 1941)
1994 James A. Maloney (Class of 1969)
1995 Richard T. Venne (Class of 1972)
1996 Arthur J. Andreoli (Class of 1958)
1997 Robert F. Cooney (Class of 1955)
1998 Henry C. Lemire, Sr. (Class of 1954)
1999 Anthony A. Froio (Class of 1986)
2000 Ronald S. Perry (Class of 1954)
2001 Keith J. Hochstein (Class of 1968)
2002 Janet A. Hourihan (Class of 1986)
2003 Victor M. Rimkus (Class of 1953)
2004 Francis J. Larkin (Class of 1954)
2005 Michael J. Kickham (Class of 1958)
2006 Fr. John E. Brooks, S.J. (Class of 1949) & Fr. Francis X. Miller, S.J. (Class of 1947)
2007 Fr. Anthony J. Kuzniewski, S.J.
2008 Dr. Richard P. Simitis (Class of 1968)
2009 Lisa E. Jackson (Class of 1989)
2010 Gerald T. Kelley (Class of 1976)
2011 Michael C. Cunningham (Class of 1995)
2012 Ann A. Zelesky
2013 Edward F. Siudut (Class of 1969)
2014 Ronald P. Plamondon (Class of 1975)
2015 Coleen M. Lynch (Class of 1995)
2016 Fr. Earle L. Markey, S.J. (Class of 1953)
2017 Patrick T. Maloney (Class of 2002)
2018 John E. Luth (Class of 1974) and Joanne Chouinard-Luth
2019 Linda George




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