Department of Athletics Directory

FSU Athletics Department
403 Stadium Dr. West, Room D0107
Tallahassee, FL 32306

FSU Athletics Department
PO Box 2195
Tallahassee, FL 32316

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For general athletics department inquires, call 850-645-2527

Administration Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-645-2527  
Fax Number   850-644-7293  
Stan Wilcox Vice President/Director of Athletics 850-644-1079
Vicki Cupp Special Assistant to the Athletics DIrector 850-644-2526
Cindy Hartmann Deputy Athletics Director / Administration 850-645-2368
Karl Hicks Deputy Athletics Director / External Operations 850-645-2014
Caneka Hammonds Administrative Support Assistant 850-645-0163
Vanessa Fuchs Senior Associate Athletics Director / SWA 850-644-4933
Makini Thompson Asst. AD for Administration 850-645-7817
Matt Behnke Senior Associate Athletics Director / CFO 850-644-8803
Dr. Greg Beaumont Senior Associate Athletics Director / Academics 850-644-5938
Michele Osborne Associate General Counsel 850-644-2368
Academics Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-9201  
Fax Number   850-644-2188  
Dr. Greg Beaumont Associate Dean / Senior Associate Athletics Director for Academics 850-644-5938
Twitter @FSUSAAS

Full Academic Staff Directory

Baseball Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-1073  
Fax Number   850-644-7213  
Mike Martin Head Coach 850-644-1068
Mike Bell Associate Head Coach 850-644-1072
Mike Martin, Jr. Assistant Coach - Recruiting Coordinator 850-644-9129
Chip Baker Director Of Baseball Operations 850-644-1071
Christine Gallagher Administrative Assistant 850-644-1073
Men's Basketball Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-1461  
Fax Number   850-644-6622  
Leonard Hamilton Head Coach 850-644-7190  
Stan Jones Associate Head Coach 850-644-1405
Charlton "C.Y." Young Assistant Coach 850-644-1404
Dennis Gates Assistant Coach 850-644-1406
Jacob Ridenhour Director of Basketball Operations 850-644-4613
Dickey Nutt Video Coordinator 850-644-1461
Renee Andrews Administrative Assistant - Asst. Coach 850-644-1461
Keenah Lambert Administrative Assistant - Head Coach 850-644-5229
Women's Basketball Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-3641  
Fax Number   850-644-9570  
Sue Semrau Head Coach 850-644-8100
Lance White Asociate Head Coach 850-644-3647
Brooke Wyckoff Assistant Coach 850-644-3674
Danielle Atkinson Assistant Coach 850-644-3641
Melissa Bruner Director of Basketball Operations 850-644-6959
Megan Lueck Video Coordinator 507-459-9106
Linda Goddard Administrative Support Assistant 850-644-3641
Ali Hoesly Director of Recruiting Operations 850-644-2936
John Neiser Director of Communications 850-644-0598
Business Office Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-1904  
Fax Number   850-644-3352  
Elizabeth Hartsock

Assistant AD/Business Manager

Lauren Wofford Director of Financial Operations  850-644-2735
Keri Blackledge Accounting Specialist 850-644-1713
Wendy Byers Accounting Specialist 850-644-5259
Art Cunkle
Accounting Specialist 850-644-3582
Kendall Kornegay Accounting Assistant/Cashier 850-644-3769
David Register Accounting Specialist 850-645-0164
Damont Singleton Mailroom Coordinator 850-644-4284
William Wheeler Accounting Specialist 850-645-9727
Jodi Harris Short's Travel Agent 850-645-9982
Samantha Johnson Business Office Assistant  850-645-2715  
Matthew Costello Business Office Assistant 850-645-2715  
Nicki Bedgood Administrative Associate 850-644-1904
Cheerleaders Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-2550  
Fax Number   850-644-7851  
Staci Sutton Coordinator 850-644-8457
Communications Position Phone Email
Rob Wilson Associate Athletics Director - Communications 850-644-5678
Compliance Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-4272  
Fax Number   850-644-7025  
Jim Curry Senior Associate Athletics Director -- Governance and Compliance 850-644-7926
Tasha Fisher Assistant Athletics Director 850-644-5932
Justin Kume Director of Compliance 850-644-4390
Danielle Sepper Director of Initial Eligibility and Admissions 850-644-3049
TaRonda Randall Assistant Director of Compliance  850-644-3635  
Adam Benvenisty Compliance Assistant 850-644-4272
Dezmond Johnson Compliance Assistant 850-644-4272
Technology Services Position Phone Email
Justin Jacobs Director of Information Technology Services 850-644-6651
Shane Hammill Technical Support Analyst  850-644-6651
Shawnie Houston Technical Support Analyst  850-644-6651
Haley Little Technical Support Analyst  850-644-6651
Equipment Position Phone Email
Dane Smith Director of Equipment Operations - Golf 850-644-4362
Darin Kerns Manager - Football 850-645-8686
Christopher Scheideman Asstistant Manager - Football 850-644-2551
Erick Casto Assistant Director - Basketball 850-644-4393
Andrew DeGood Clubhouse & Equipment - Baseball 850-644-5431
Hannah Dagen Coordinator - Olympic Sports 850-645-0942
TBD Supervisor - Olympic Sports 850-644-5943
Robin Ahrberg Coordinator - Soccer/Softball 850-645-3204
Facilities & Events Position Phone Email
Fax Number   850-645-3278  
Bernie Waxman Associate Athletics Director 850-644-9940
Laurie Swiger Assistant Athletics Director 850-443-7078
Brandon Kendrick Assistant Director of Facilities 850-228-9316
Ryan Zornes Assistant Director of Event Management 850-228-7589
Alex Gallant Assistant Director of Event Management 850-228-9025
Stuart Pearce Assistant AD/Event Management 850-644-4694
Kyle Slaton Assistant AD for Turf Management  850-644-5927  
Taylor Wheaton Assistant Director of Event Management 850-228-5549
Kim Hinckley Aquatics Supervisor 850-644-7665
Tommy Pafford Maintenance Supervisor 850-694-1596
Jeff Lingar Maintenance 850-228-9096
Joshua Bryson Assistant Director of Event Management 850-228-6319
Faculty Rep. Position Phone Email
Pamela L. Perrewé Faculty Representative 850-644-7848
Football Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-1465  
Fax Number   850-644-1356  
Autographs MEMORABILIA 850-644-1376  
Joy Beech Executive Support Asst Head Coach 850-644-1465  
Logan McMahon Admin. Support Assistant -- Recruiting 850-644-1029
Carol Moore Office Administrator -- Football Operations 850-644-2527
Daphne Williams Admin. Support Assistant -- Offense 850-644-7005
Alexis Benjamin Administrative Assistant 850-644-1465  
Nadia Nixon Admin. Support Assistant -- Defense 850-644-7673
Mark Robinson Director of Football Operations 850-644-1409  
Scott Smith Asst. Director for Football Operations 850-644-7291
Carol Moore Office Administrator -- Football Operations 850-644-2527
Mario Edwards Sr. Director of Player Development 850-644-7673
Ryals Lee Memorabilia / Coach Fisher's Autograph 850-644-1376
Jimbo Fisher Head Coach 850-644-1465  
Joy Beech Fisher's Administrative Assistant 850-644-1465  
Alexis Benjamin Administrative Assistant 850-644-1465  
Ryals Lee Memorabilia / Coach Fisher's Autograph 850-644-1376
Jay Graham Running Backs Coach / Special Teams Coordinator 850-644-7005  
Tim Brewster Tight Ends Coach / Recruiting Coordinator 850-644-1029  
Lawrence Dawsey Co-Offensive Coordinator / Wide Receivers Coach 850-644-7005  
Randy Sanders Co-Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach 850-644-7005  
Rick Trickett Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Line Coach 850-644-7005  
Daphne Martin Admin. Support Assistant -- Offense 850-644-7005
Brad Lawing Defensive Ends/ Outside Linebackers Coach 850-644-7673  
Odell Haggins Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Tackles Coach 850-644-7673  
Charles Kelly Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backs Coach 850-644-7673  
Bill Miller Linebackers Coach 850-644-7673  
Nadia Nixon Admin. Support Assistant -- Defense 850-644-7673  
Tim Brewster Recruiting Coordinator 850-644-1029  
Bob LaCivita Director of Player Personnel 850-645-7933
Matt Ayer Assistant Director of Player Personnel 850-644-7006
Christian Sanders Coordinator of On-Campus Recruiting 850-645-7563
Logan McMahon Admin. Support Staff -- Recruiting 850-644-1029
Men's Golf      
Fax Number   850-645-1689  
Trey Jones

Director of Golf/Head Coach

Robert Duck Director of Player Development -- Assistant Coach 850-228-9670
Mary Michael Maggio Assistant Coach 850-228-9369
Jennifer Santiago Director of Golf Operations 850-644-1998
Women's Golf Position Phone Email
Fax Number   850-645-3101  
Amy Bond Head Coach 850-644-7290
Robert Duck Director of Player Development -- Assistant Coach 850-644-1120
Mary Michael Maggio Assistant Coach 850-228-9369
Jennifer Santiago Director of Golf Operations 850-644-1998
Human Resources Position Phone Email
Cindy Hartmann Deputy Athletics Director / Administration 850-645-2368
Makini Thompson Asst. AD for Administration 850-645-7817
Charla Phinney Personnel Rep. 850-644-0416
Media Relations Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-1403  
Fax Number   850-644-3820  
Elliott Finebloom Asst. AD/SID/Digital Media 850-644-1065
Chuck Walsh Deputy Director - Men's Basketball / Women's Golf 850-644-1077
TBD Director of Football Communications 850-645-7683
Bob Thomas Associate Director - Cross Country / Track & Field 850-644-0615
Steven McCartney Associate Director - Football/Baseball 850-644-3920  
Bret Clein SID Assistant/Beach Volleyball 850-644-5656
Scott Moriak Assistant Director - Soccer/Softball 850-644-2016
Steve Stone Assistant Director - Women's Basketball/ Men's Golf 850-644-4836
Christa Salerno Assistant Director -Swim & Dive/Football Media Coordinator/Volleyball 850-644-5653
Billy Clark SID Assistant - Men's & Women's Tennis 850-644-1403
Digital Media Position Phone Email
Elliott Finebloom Asst. AD/SID/Digital Media 850-644-1065
Tim Linafelt Senior Writer  850-645-2608
Layne Herdt Assistant Director  850-645-2611
Corrina Dolan Digital Media Producer  850-645-2610
Eric Todoroff Digital Media Specialist 850-645-2609
Marketing/Promotions Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-2550  
Fax Number   850-645-7851  
Jason Dennard Assoc. AD/New Revenue Generation & Marketing 850-644-4397
Drew Longenecker Director of Marketing 850-644-8368
TBA Assistant Director of Marketing 850-644-8623
Ty Osborne Assistant Director of Marketing 850-644-8003
Ross Shackelford Marketing/ Video Assistant 850-644-2550
Jordan Simison Marketing Assistant 850-644-1350
Staci Sutton Marketing Coordinator 850-644-8457
Greg Myford General Manager    
Chad Bolen Associate GM 850-645-9188
Mike Melendez Senior Account Executive 850-645-7850
Michael Smith Associate General Manager 850-645-3302
Scott Flanders Senior Account Executive 850-645-7849
Luke Miller Partner Services Coordinator 850-645-0688  
Jessica Rooney Partner Services Coordinator 850-645-7862  
Memorabilia Position Phone Email
Ryals Lee Memorabilia/Coaches Autograph 850-644-1376
Seminole Boosters   Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-3484  
Fax Number   850-222-5929  
(LICENSING) Position    
 Katie Watt Director/Trademark Licensing 850-644-8690  
Garrett O'Connor Asst. Director/Trademark Licensing 850-644-8690  
Betsy Hosey Director 850-644-1123  
Seminole Productions Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-645-8433  
Fax Number   850-644-2373  
Mark Rodin Executive Director 850-644-6275
Jim Garbarino Senior Director of Programming, Graphics and VFX 850-644-8034
Kirby Kandor Senior Director of Live Events 850-644-8036
Jerry Tootle Senior Producer 850-644-8032
Rob Levine Director of Production 850-644-9577
Greg Christopher Media Manager 850-645-2378
Max Lehman Broadcast Specialist  
Sarah Hartle Producer/Director 904-361-8581
TBD Producer/Director 954-562-1622
Jacob Durshimer Production Coordinator 941-538-8975
Andrius Sevcovas Production Coordinator 561-313-7611
Video Productions Position Phone Email
Craig Campanozzi Director/Video Coordinator 850-644-0134
Kevin Gadowry Video Coordinator 850-644-0134
Matthew DeWall Video Coordinator 850-644-9570
Dickey Nutt Video Coordinator, Men's Basketball 850-644-6622  
Megan Lueck Video Coordinator, Women's Basketball 850-644-2393
Soccer Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-645-7205  
Fax Number   850-645-8978  
Mark Krikorian Head Coach 850-644-7724
Mike Bristol Assistant Coach 850-644-7725
Morinao Imaizumi Assistant Coach 850-644-7920
Nathan Minion Director of Soccer Operations 850-645-3200
Armand Dikranian Volunteer Assistant Coach 850-645-9905
Softball Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-9594  
Fax Number   850-645-3201  
Lonni Alameda Head Coach 850-644-9594
Travis Wilson Assistant Coach 850-644-9594
Craig Snider Assistant Coach 850-644-9594
Antonio Santiago Director of Softball Operations  850-644-9594
Student Services Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-3281  
Fax Number   850-644-7025  
John Lata Assistant Athletics Director/Student Services 850-644-8986
Derrick Coles Director of Student-Athlete Development and Community Service 850-645-9691
Sarah Petronio Director of Student-Athlete Development and Events 850-645-8378
Derrick Mitchell Graduate Assistant 850-644-7025
Kathryn Phillips Graduate Assistant 850-644-7025
Swimming/Diving Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-5946  
Fax Number   850-645-8652  
Neal Studd Head Coach 850-228-6639
John Proctor Head Coach/Diving Coach 850-228-6349
Ozzie Quevedo Assistant Coach  850-891-7279
Emma Svensson Assistant Coach 850-228-4978 
Anne Olson Assistant  Diving Coach 850-228-5841
Dan Carrington Assistant Coach 850-228-7005
Meredith Martelle Director of Operations 850-644-5946
Men's Tennis Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-1893  
Fax Number   850-644-3451  
Dwayne Hultquist Head Coach 850-644-1738
Ryler DeHeart Associate Head Coach 850-645-7672
Tassilo Schmid Volunteer Assistant Coach    
Scott Mottice Director of Tennis Operations 850-644-1893
Women's Tennis Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-1893  
Fax Number   850-644-3451  
Jennifer Hyde Head Coach 850-644-1092
TBD Associate Head Coach 850-644-1099
Giorgia Pozzan Volunteer Assistant Coach    
Scott Mottice Director of Tennis Operations 850-644-1893
Ticket Office Position Phone Email
Main Number Local   850-644-1830  
Main Number Toll Free   888-FSU-NOLE  
FAX NUMBER   850-644-5688  
Jack Chatham Asst AD of Ticket Operations & Service 850-644-1830
Suzanne Baham Operations Assistant 850-644-1830
Joe Garcia Associate Director for Ticket Operations 850-644-9794
Matt Rudd Director of Ticket Operations 850-644-0969
Jonathan DeMott Assistant Director of Ticket Operations 850-645-4941
Mark Cameron Manager of New Ticket Sales 850-645-9770
Duraunte Cutts Account Executive 850-644-1834
Timara Gore Account Executive 850-645-3603
Justin Schaefer Account Executive 850-645-9587
George Seliga Account Executive 850-645-0291
D'minia Stokes Account Executive 850-644-1835
Brian Wagner Account Executive
Brittany Coles Account Executive
Andrew Pope Guest Services Specialist 850-645-9771
Joel Ringenberg Account Executive 850-644-2707
Ed Servil Account Executive
Nicole Sullivan

Account Executive

Analisa Trstensky

Account Executive

Joey Veneziano

Guest Services Specialist

Ticket Sales Position Phone Email
Main Number Local   850-644-1830  
Main Number Toll Free   1-888-FSU-NOLE  
FAX NUMBER   850-644-5688  
Mark Cameron Director of Ticket Sales 850-645-9770
George Seliga Senior Account Executive 850-645-9585
Brian Wagner Account Executive - Premium Sales 850-645-9586
Ray Silva Account Executive - New Sales 850-645-9584
Justin Schaefer Account Executive - New Sales 850-645-9587
Andrew Pope Account Executive - New Sales 850-645-9771
Timara Gore Account Executive - New Sales 850-645-3603
Joey Veneziano Account Executive - New Sales 850-644-1833
Track and Field Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-5550  
Fax Number   850-644-4845  
Bob Braman Head Coach Track & Field/Men's Cross Country 850-645-1250
Ricardo Argro Assistant Coach/Sprints & Relays 850-228-3199
Dorian Scott Assistant Coach/Throws 973-951-4764
Dennis Nobles Director of Field Events/Pole Vault, Jumps & Multis 850-274-2945
Brandon Hon Director or Sprints, Hurdles & Relays 850-228-3304
Kelly Phillips Women's Cross Country Head Coach/ Distance 850-644-6191
Grad. Assistants   850-644-5550  
David Beauchem Director of Track Operations 850-228-1916  
Sports Medicine Position Phone Email
Fax Number   850-644-3139  
Fax Number   850-645-1915  
Robin Gibson Director of Sports Medicine-Soccer 850-644-2139
Jake Pfeil Senior Assoc. Director of Sports Med. - Football 850-644-7038
Jerry Latimer Assoc. Director of Sports Med. 850-228-5738
Joshua Chatman Athletic Trainer-Football 850-694-3091
Julie Kruessel Athletic Trainer-Football 806-252-6171
Julia Giampaolo Athletic Trainer -- Volleyball/Beach Volleyball 850-728-5021
Eunice Hernandez Athletic Trainer-Softball/Women's Golf 850-694-2086
Amanda Robinson Athletic Trainer - Men's Basketball 850-644-6223
Brandon Stone Athletic Trainer-Baseball/Men's Golf 850-728-5002
Gwendolyn Davis Athletic Trainer-Track and Field 850-228-3410
Emily Hutcherson Athletic Trainer-W. Basketball 850-728-4931
Nick Pappas Insurance/Drug Testing Coord. 850-645-2700
Cheryl Pfeil Athletic Trainer-Coordinator 850-644-1206
Daniel Fowler Grad Assistant Trainer - Football 850-228-9428
Amy Watts Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Cheer/Dance 850-228-1301
Kathleen Knauf Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Men's Tennis 850-728-4967
Thea Lucas Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Sand Volleyball 850-567-9037
Josh McIntosh Grad. Assistant -- Women's Tennis 850-228-6746
Shana Sunseri Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Swimming/Diving 850-591-0814
Kyra Shaw Grad. Asst Athletic Trainer-Track & Field 850-566-5849
Isabella Schmidt Grad. Assistant -- Behavioral Health 850-339-0854
Volleyball Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-3003  
Fax Number   850-644-5466  
Chris Poole Head Coach 850-644-3796
Jeff Hulsmeyer Associate Head Coach 850-644-1895
Jordana Price Assistant Coach 850-644-1896
Aubrey Marsellis Director of Volleyball Operations 850-644-3003  
Jill Hoomes Secretary 850-644-3003
 Beach Volleyball Position Phone Email
Main Number   850-644-3003  
Fax Number   850-644-5466  
Brooke Niles Head Coach  850-644-3003
Raul Papaleo Assistant Coach  850-644-3003
Megan Mowery Director of Operations  850-644-3003
Jill Hoomes Secretary 850-644-3003
Strength and Speed Position Phone Email
Fax Number   850-644-1304  
Elisa Angeles Director of Olympic Strength and Conditioning 850-644-2549
Vic Viloria Head Strength Coach - Football 850-644-2108
Brandon Sanders Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 850-644-7070
Louis Dobosenski Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 850-645-3484
Brice Lockart Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 850-644-9483
Kratik Malhotra Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 850-644-0342
Mike Bradley Strength & Conditioning Coach - Men's Basketball 850-644-2681
TBD Strength & Conditioning Coach - Swimming & Diving 850-645-9692
Dave Plettl Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coach - Women's Basketball 850-644-4716
Caitlin Quinn Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning - Softball / Volleyball 850-274-8789
Seth Diters Strength & Conditioning Coach - Baseball 850-228-4782  
Brandon Joyner Strength & Conditioning Coach - Golf / Track & Field 850-228-3112  
Natosha Gottlieb Strength & Conditioing Coach - Cross Country / Cheer & Dance  850-644-2549  
Kelly Borges Graduate Assistant - Women's Soccer  559-302-7924  
Brodie Quinn Graduate Assistant -- Men's & Women's Tennis 413-281-9946  
Ron Arellano Graduate Assistant - Beach Volleyball  408-600-4079  
Sports Nutrition Position Phone Email
Fax Number      
Kayli Hrdlicka Director of Sports Nutrition  850-645-1918
Chris Burkett RD Intern  
Jake Blattner RD Intern