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(509) 313-6000

(509) 313-5730

Hours of Operation
M - F  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Josh Cox, Ticket Manager

Corinne Hahn, Assistant Ticket Manager

Physical Address
McCarthey Athletic Center, Suite 101
801 N Cincinnati Street
Spokane, WA 99258

Shipping Address
Gonzaga Athletics Ticket Office
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane, WA 99258-0066

General Ticket Policies

Refund & Exchange Policy

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be made due to a game time or date change. For information on an event cancelled due to inclement weather, see Cancelled or Postponed Events.

Payment Information

The Gonzaga Athletics Ticket Office accepts Visa and MasterCard credit & debit cards, checks & money orders (made payable to Gonzaga University), and cash for all ticket-related transactions. To view the timeline for Men's & Women's Basketball season ticket payments and associated Bulldog Club obligations, click here.

Door/Gate Opening Times

Men’s & Women’s Basketball                                                90 minutes prior to tip-off

Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Volleyball and Baseball           60 minutes prior to start of event

Will Call

The Gonzaga Athletic Ticket Office operates Will Call at the McCarthey Athletic Center (Southeast corner) during regular office hours, Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm. On weekends, will call will open at the same time as doors/gate for the event you are attending.

Game day Will Call is transferred to the appropriate venue's ticket booth for every event.

Valid picture identification is required for any ticket pick up. Will Call tickets will only be released to the name on the Will Call envelope. No refunds will be given for tickets that are not picked up.

Game Day Will Call Hours of Operation

Men’s & Women’s Basketball                 90 minutes prior to event time through halftime

Volleyball                                                     60 minutes prior to event time through the second set

Men’s & Women’s Soccer                       60 minutes prior to event through halftime

Baseball                                                      60 minutes prior to event through middle of the 5th inning

Cancelled or Postponed Events
If a game is cancelled or rescheduled due to an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of Gonzaga Athletics such as inclement weather, natural disaster, loss of power, or other force majeure, ticket holders can exchange original ticket for a ticket to a future regular season game, subject to availability. Ticket holders may exchange their ticket at the Gonzaga Athletics Ticket Office during normal business hours. Ticket holders must have the original ticket to the cancelled game in order to exchange. No refunds will be given.

Child/Infant Admission Policy

Children 3 years of age and over are required to have a ticket to gain admittance to Gonzaga athletic events. As a courtesy to all fans and to comply with fire regulations, children shall not sit in the aisles or walkways.

Accessible Seating

Patrons requiring accessible seating may purchase one accessible seat and up to 3 companion seats in the same row, based on availability, consistent with regular ticket policies (i.e. during sale dates and hours, at comparable ticket prices, etc.) In the event of a sale with a limited number of tickets, ticket holders will only be able to purchase the set number of tickets available to purchase (i.e. Limit of 2 tickets in a Bulldog Club sale).

Accessible seating is sold on both season and single game basis based on availability.

Accessible seats are reserved for individuals with disabilities who require the specific features of accessible seating. Ticket holders must have a ticket designated for accessible seating in order to sit in ADA seating areas. 

Normally, tickets for accessible seats may not be sold to individuals who do not need the specific features of accessible seats.  However, unsold accessible seats may be released and sold when a) tickets for all non-accessible seats have been sold; b) when tickets for all non-accessible seats in a particular seating section have been sold; and c) when tickets for all non-accessible seats in a particular price category have been sold. Also, ticket holders with a ticket for an accessible seat may transfer it, in accordance with Ticket Holder Terms and Conditions, to someone who does not have a disability. 

If available, tickets for ADA seating can be purchased over the phone via the Gonzaga Ticket Office at (509)313-6000 or in person prior to home games during regular ticket office hours at the Gonzaga Ticket Office.

Accessible Seating Exchanges

Ticket holders requiring accessible seating may exchange up to four (4) tickets, one (1) for the person in need of accessible seating and three (3) for a companion.

Accessible seating exchanges are filled on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Ticket holders are encouraged to make arrangements in advance with the Gonzaga Ticket Office.

Subject to availability, the Ticket Office will use its best efforts to provide such tickets in a location comparable to their original tickets.

Revocable License

Each ticket issued by the Gonzaga Athletic Department is a revocable license and may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of Gonzaga University Athletics. All tickets are subject to the rules, regulations and policies of Gonzaga University. Tickets may be revoked for reasons including, but not limited to the following: failure to meet renewal / payment deadlines, violating the unruly behavior/sportsmanship clause including drunk or disorderly conduct, scalping or resale of tickets above face value, obscene behavior, and ownership disputes.

The holder of the ticket assumes all risks incidental to attending the event for which it was issued, whether such risks occur prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual event. The ticket holder agrees to hold Gonzaga University and other participating institutions harmless from any damages or injuries that might arise in the course of being a sports spectator.

Season tickets are offered on a one-year basis only. The opportunity to renew season tickets is a privilege granted by Gonzaga University, which may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Gonzaga Athletic Department. While Gonzaga Athletics has and will continue to exercise reasonable efforts to allow season ticket holders the opportunity to renew season tickets, Gonzaga Athletics, nonetheless, reserves the right to review all accounts before offering season tickets for the following season.

All costs incurred by Gonzaga University, including attorney's fees, relating to any dispute concerning season ticket ownership costs, benefits, and/or policies (whether or not Gonzaga University is named as a party in any litigation) will be charged to the season ticket holder.

Modification or relocation of seats

Gonzaga Athletics reserves the right to modify, re-seat, and relocate ticket holder’s seats for any reason.  Such relocation, modification or re-seating is within Gonzaga Athletics sole discretion.

Unruly Behavior/Sportsmanship

Unruly behavior will not be tolerated at any Gonzaga athletic event, and in some circumstances, will result in the offender's ejection from the athletic facility. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to:

§  The abuse of alcohol or other intoxicants.

§  Fighting, taunting, or any action that may harm or endanger others in the facility.

§  Any use of and/or refusal to extinguish smoking materials in the facility.

§  Abusive or foul language and obscene actions.

§  Any behavior resulting in the disruption of the game.

§  Throwing objects of any kind onto the playing surface.

§  Any other conduct deemed to be beyond the bounds of reason for a spectator attending a collegiate sporting event.

Spectators who are arrested and repeat violators who are found to be season ticket holders may have their ticket privileges permanently revoked - regardless of whether or not the spectators or violators are the season ticket holders of record.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

A fee of $5 per ticket may be assessed to replace lost, damaged or stolen tickets. In the event of theft, please contact your local police department to report the crime and obtain a copy of the police report prior to contacting the ticket office to have the tickets replaced. Damaged tickets will be accepted at the turnstiles providing the ticket is intact and legible. If the ticket has been damaged beyond recognition, a replacement will need to be issued. In all cases of lost, stolen, or damaged tickets, please contact a ticket office representative who will advise you on the necessary procedure to receive replacements.

Disclaimer/ Assumption of Risks & Release of Liability

The ticket holder assumes all direct and indirect risks incidental to the game and/or related events to which this ticket admits holder, including but not limited to, danger of being injured by equipment, players or officials entering the spectator areas; pre- and post- game and half-time event activities; lost, stolen, damaged personal property; and any incidents or accidents associated with crowds of people. The holder agrees that Gonzaga University, its players, staff, and other individuals are not liable for injuries or property losses resulting from any such causes. Purchaser assumes all responsibility in case of accident or property loss on behalf of themselves and their guests. 

Ticket Holder Terms & Conditions

·  Ticket Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and danger incidental to the event for which the ticket is issued, whether occurring prior to, during or after the event.  Ticket Holder voluntarily agrees that Gonzaga University, Gonzaga University Athletics, participating schools and all other respective agents, officers, directors, owners and employees are expressly released by holder from any claims arising from such causes.

·  In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, Gonzaga Athletics shall not be required to issue a refund. Ticket holder is offered the opportunity to attend a rescheduled event or to exchange this ticket for another event of the same sports as designated by Gonzaga Athletics except as otherwise provided by law.

·  The Gonzaga Athletic Department does not condone the practice of reselling Gonzaga Athletic tickets above face value. If you are caught scalping or reselling Gonzaga Athletic tickets above face value, the Athletic Department may terminate your season or individual game tickets. Ticket holder assumes all risks incident to the game or related events, including the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property or personal injury.

·  Gonzaga reserves the right, without the refund of any portion of the ticket purchase price, to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly, who uses vulgar or abusive language or who fails to comply with these or other Gonzaga Athletics regulations.  Breach of any of the foregoing will automatically terminate this license.  NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES EXCEPT AS THE PROVIDED HEREIN. EVENT DATE AND TIME SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

·    Unlawful resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be lost, stolen or counterfeit, and if so, are void.

·   Ticket Holder agrees by use of this ticket, not to transmit or aid in the transmitting any description, account, picture or reproduction of the event for which this ticket is issued.  Holder acknowledges that the event may be broadcast or otherwise publicized, and hereby grants permission to utilize holder’s image or likeness in connection with any live or recorded transmission or reproduction of such event.

·   In conformance with Gonzaga University policy and facility rules, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, controlled substances, recording devices, bundles and containers of any kind may not be brought into the premises. Some facilities may enforce additional restrictions to other items including, but not limited to bags, backpacks, umbrellas, baby carriers, strollers, signs and banners.  Please consult all venue/facility/locality regulations prior to attendance at the event.

·  This ticket is only valid for the event and seat for which it is issued. This ticket is not redeemable for cash.  It is unlawful to reproduce this ticket in any form. Unless indicated otherwise, prices include all applicable taxes and/or cash discounts (if available).

Print-at-Home Ticket

Print-at-Home is an electronic delivery method by which your tickets are emailed directly to you immediately after your purchase. You will receive two emails after your purchase; the first will be your order confirmation email (does not include tickets), the second will be your Print-at-Home email with your tickets as an Adobe .pdf attachment. You will be required to print your tickets on a standard 8 1/5 x 11 sheet of paper, do not resize or try to fit multiple tickets onto one sheet of paper. Each ticket is to be treated like any other valid ticket. Print-at-Home cannot be scanned from a mobile device.

Gonzaga Athletics scans all tickets at the gates of each venue using the barcode on each ticket. Print-at-Home tickets are individually barcoded allowing one scan per entry, any attempts to duplicate, alter or sell any copies of the Print-at-Home ticket will result in admittance being refused to the event. This provides heightened security by identifying counterfeit and stolen tickets.

Gonzaga reserves the right to limit or restrict the use of the Print-at-Home method for electronic forwarding, printing or transfer of tickets (“E-Functions”) associated with the ticket holder’s account if, in Gonzaga’s sole discretion, such E-Functions are being used to circumvent these policies and/or the terms and conditions governing the account. 

Please note: If you are using any spam filters and want to ensure that you receive the email containing your tickets, please add to your approved spam filter list. Each Print-at-Home ticket will arrive as an attachment in the email. Please set your email to accept attachments. Adobe Acrobat is required to use the Print-at-Home feature. A free copy of the software can be downloaded at

Season Ticket Holder Terms & Conditions

Account Holder

The first line of your account information (as shown on your season ticket renewal and invoice) denotes the season ticket holder of record. For your protection, we will only accept payments, address changes, seat Improvements, additional seat requests and inquiries from the person designated as the season ticket holder, his or her spouse, or a legal representative. Tickets held in the name of a business should designate a company representative to make such changes and inquiries.

Account Changes

It is your responsibility to inform the Gonzaga Athletic Ticket Office of any changes in your address. Please keep us informed of all account corrections such as address changes, contact person changes for organizations, phone numbers, and new email addresses etc. Submit new information in writing to the Gonzaga Athletic Ticket Office, 502 E. Boone Ave., Spokane, WA 99258-0066, by emailing or through your online account as changes cannot be made via telephone.

Unauthorized Ticket Use

Absent express, written permission from Gonzaga Athletics, tickets shall not be used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes including contests and sweepstakes.  Any ticket holder whose ticket(s) are found to be used for, or in conjunction with, any commercial purposes or promotions, including, but not limited to sweepstakes, giveaways, or drawings will have his/her season ticket privileges permanently revoked with regard to the tickets in question.

Resale Policy

The Gonzaga Athletic Department does not allow the practice of reselling Gonzaga athletic tickets above face value with the exception of the non-profit organizations that auction or raffle the tickets.

Based on the aforementioned policies it is important to define the term "face value". Simply stated our definition is, "the face value of the ticket is the amount printed on the face of the ticket and does not include any amount paid in order to maintain the option of purchasing the tickets or to receive the right to apply for the tickets (e.g., Major Gift Pledges, Bulldog Club annual contributions, etc.)"

If you are found to be scalping or reselling Gonzaga Athletic tickets, the Athletic Department may terminate your season tickets or individual game tickets.

Termination of your tickets during the basketball season may result in the following: The ticket(s) will be cancelled effective immediately and the bar codes will be deactivated for that game and all future games; ticket purchaser's license for buying single game tickets will be terminated for the remainder of the season.

You are personally responsible for the tickets which are associated with your season tickets. Please be careful to whom you distribute your Tickets. In the event that someone who is in possession of your tickets scalps or resells them, your Season Ticket Holder status may be detrimentally affected

The specific rules and regulations associated with and governing the season and individual game tickets can also be found in the following places: (i) on the backside of the ticket renewal form; and (ii) on the Gonzaga Athletics' official website (


Death of Season Ticket Holder

The opportunity to renew season tickets is a privilege granted by the Gonzaga Athletic Department. Season ticket renewal privilege is extended only to the name(s) printed on the season ticket invoice and may, at Gonzaga University's sole discretion, be transferred in the event of death, to the surviving spouse (will automatically transfer to the spouse if they are listed on the account), adult child or children (18 years or older) of that season ticket holder.  The ticket holder must be a living adult or a legal business entity.

To transfer renewal privileges to adult children upon the death of a season ticket holder, a written document signed by the executor of the estate must be submitted to the Gonzaga Athletics Ticket Office. A transfer to adult children requires that the adult children assume the ticket cost and continue to contribute at the required donation level and begin his/her own priority points. Priority points are not transferable.


In the case of divorce, seats and priority points may be divided among ex-spouses if both individuals agree and submit a written document signed by both parties. Gonzaga will attempt to find a location that is comparable to the current location, but due to the limited availability of seats, there is no guarantee comparable seats will be available. Gonzaga will require either notarized documentation from the parties regarding the changes, or a copy of the divorce decree addressing how ownership of the ticket accounts are to be addressed, including information on  how tickets/priority points are to be divided.  Document must include updated account information for Gonzaga Athletics record (i.e. name change, address, phone number).  Please contact the Gonzaga Ticket Office for divorce transfer information.


Season tickets may be transferred from corporations or partnerships to individuals. The transfer must be to members of that corporation or partnership and must be completed by the principal executive of said corporation. When the tickets are transferred, the individual must assume the ticket cost and continue to contribute at the required donation level and begin his/her own priority points. Priority points are not transferable.

The Gonzaga Athletic Department reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny the request to transfer season tickets on a case by case basis.

As described above, season tickets may not be transferred, sold or assigned without the express written consent of Gonzaga Athletics. In the event of any unauthorized transfer, purported transfer, offer of transfer, or attempted transfer, Gonzaga may terminate the season ticket holder’s license and privilege by providing written notice to ticket holder and tendering the remaining pro rata portion of the amount paid by ticket holder within a reasonable time after providing such notice. 

The season ticket holder of record is listed as the primary contact on the Account.  Only the ticket holder is allowed to make any changes to the Account.  Ticket holder is required to promptly notify Gonzaga Athletics in writing of any changes in address, phone number or Account status. 

Donate Your Tickets Back to Gonzaga

Not able to attend the game? Don't let your tickets go to waste! Return your tickets to Gonzaga Athletics and increase your priority point standing. Men's & Women's Basketball season ticket holders receive tax-deductible gift credit and any resulting priority point increase for the face value of each ticket returned to the Gonzaga Ticket Office. To return your tickets, email and indicate which game(s) and the section, row(s), and seat number(s) of the ticket(s) you would like to return. The barcodes to your tickets will be deactivated and new tickets will be printed by the Ticket Office.