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University of New Mexico Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)


What is SAAC?
The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) at the University of New Mexico is a dynamic group of student-athletes dedicated to providing a voice for the interests and concerns of the student-athletes. This committee serves as the student-athlete leadership group here at UNM. SAAC directs its energy in addressing areas such as academics, student-athlete welfare, community service, university relations and career development. Through these efforts, the committee hopes to foster camaraderie and unity between student-athletes, UNM administration and the surrounding community.


  • NCAA and MWC SAAC Mission Statements


  • 2009-10 SAAC Officers | 2009-10 SAAC Representatives

    What would you do as a SAAC representative?

  • Make a difference on your team
    • Represent your team's interests to the UNM athletics administration
    • Be your team's voice to the NCAA governing body
  • Make a difference for UNM
    • Collaborate with fellow UNM student-athletes
    • Instill school spirit in fellow students
    • Be role models on campus
    • Create a better environment for student-athletes
  • Make a difference in your community
    • Engage in community service projects
    • Help raise money for worthy causes
    • Represent UNM athletics in a positive manner to the community and fans
  • Make a difference in your own life
    • Become a leader
    • Help improve your student-athlete experience
    • Learn valuable life skills

    Upcoming Events - Spring 2010

    Feb. 9 & 23 (Tuesdays) - SAAC Meeting
    Feb. 15 (Monday) - Life Skills speaker
    Feb. 16 (Tuesday) - Mountain West Conference SAAC Blood Drive
    March 9 & 23 (Tuesdays) - SAAC Meeting
    Late-March/early-April - Lobo Love at UNM Children's Hospital
    April 6 & 20 (Tuesdays) - SAAC Meeting
    Mid-April - Scholar-Athlete Banquet
    April 24 (Saturday) - Spring Storm
    May 4 (Tuesday) - SAAC Meeting Early-May - LoboBQ
    Mid-May - Graduation Reception


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