Tryouts for 2014-15 Squads
Saturday, September 6

Hanover Gym on UNCW Campus
Contact thorntons@uncw.edu for more information

General Information
The UNCW cheerleading program's first priority is the promotion and support of UNCW Athletics. In addition to cheering at men's and women's basketball games, the squad performs at various functions and participates at numerous community service appearances.   

1. Must be currently enrolled student at UNCW (female and male members needed)
2. Must have a physical in the last 12 months
3. Must have Proof of Insurance
4. Must have sickle cell test completed

Tryout Details:
Arrive at 8:45am to stretch and warm-up. We will do a quick group warm-up and learn material starting promptly at 9am!

What you will learn:
-1 chant, a short cheer, 4 8-counts of the fight song

Skills to be performed:
-Stunts: a heel-stretch full down either as a top, base, or back. Judges may ask for additional stunts.
-Jumps: 2 jumps-one must be a tow-touch (Males will perform a toe-touch and a pike
-Tumbling: any tumbling you may have -A standing skill and a running pass. We are looking for clean tumbling, not necessarily difficulty.

*please note that skills except for stunts will be performed on a hardwood floor.

What to bring:
-Current UNCW student ID or proof of acceptance into the University for the 2014-15 school year
-Insurance card
-Forms filled out and signed prior to arrival
-Proof of physical within the last year

-A Great, Positive Attitude!!!!!!!!!!!

What to wear/appearance:
Males- please wear athletic shorts and shirt (a form fitting athletic shirt is reccomended) and cheer or other athletic shoes. Cover any tattoos. A well-groomed clean-cut look is also reccomended.

Females- please wear cheer shorts or spandex shorts with a form fitting top that shows off your physique or a t-shirt. Show your school spirit! Wear a bow with a clean, collegiate hairstyle. Be sure to wear makeup that flatters your skin tones. Don't forget your cheer shoes!


UNCW is looking for cheerleaders that represent athleticism and are fit, so be sure to keep up your fitness and maintain a healthy diet!

Top Ten FAQ's:

1. Is UNCW Cheerleading a competitive program?
-No. Our main goal is to promote athletic and community events. We cheer at home basketball games, including those over holiday breaks, with the opportunity for senior members to travel to men's tournament in the spring. Other members may travel to women's tournament also in the spring. We usually perform a routine at Midnight-Madness (up in the air this year due to remodel of Trask) and also at Homecomming and/or Senior Night which is where we show off our skills!

2. How often do UNCW Cheerleaders practice?
-Currently we practice twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-9pm this year however that is subject to change, and extra practice is sometimes called when needed. Attendance at practie is mandatory unless you have class, however please arrange your class schedule to allow for Tuesday and Thursday nights free to practice! 

3. Will I have time for a job?
-Many of our team members have jobs, but UNCW Cheerleading comes first. You are given 2 weeks notice for a mandatory appearance. You are expected to arrange your work schedule accordingly.

4. Is tumbling required?
-as of right now, not as a squad. All top girls are required to have a standing back handspring. However that is subject to change. Tumbling may become a requirement at this tryout; look for more info to come! If you don't tumble, you should be working towards attaining at least a backhandspring. Our fans love to see us tumble!

5. Do UNCW Cheerleaders get scholarships?
- There is a small fund (covers book costs) available at the end of the season for those members who have few demerits.

6. What stunts should I perform at tryouts?
- A Heel-stretch full-down is required along with an additional stunt if asked for. Top girls are reccomended to show flexibility and be tight in the air, while bases and backs should be using proper technique and show strength.

7. Is there a weight requirement?
- There is no weight requirement for UNCW cheerleaders, however we look for cheerleaders that portray a healthy body image and are fit. Being fit is also a matter of safety when performing stunts and tumbling skills. Both males and females should portray athleticism. Team members are required to have a workout regimen and workout at LEAST three times a week with weights and cardio.

8. Will I be able to join a fraternity/sorority?
- Sure. Some of our members participate in greek life, however UNCW Cheerleading always comes first as it is a team activity. You will not be allowed to miss practices, games or appearances due to greek life activities.  This will be strictly enforced.

9. I can't make this tryout date. Will there be another opportunity?
- This is the only official tryout.

You will also be required to get an "on campus athletic physical with sickle cell test" once you make the squad!

Thank you for showing interest in UNCW Cheerleading.