College of Charleston Sports Performance

Mission Statement

We teach the values of hard, intelligent, consistent work, while empowering the student-athlete to significantly increase their performance capability, decrease injury potential and develop all components of their athleticism. 

Marc Proto, M.Ed., CSCS Amber Manor, MS, CSCS Alec Westerman  

Director of
Sports Performance


Assistant Director of
Sports Performance


 Assistant Director of
Sports Performance




100% is a way of life here at the College of Charleston. Being a NCAA Division I athlete there are certain things that are expected of you. Here at the College of Charleston we view going to practice, games, and training sessions  and giving all out efforts during those things as the bare minimum. That is what is expected.
To go beyond that is to truly be 100%. 100% involves doing everything that you can possibly do to reach your fullest potential, as fast as possible. This involves getting your nutrition on track, performing restoration/ regeneration sessions and working on the things that as an individual you need to work on to improve in you given sport.
The Sports Performance department at the College of Charleston will teach you how to reach 100%.  We will set up individual nutrition plans, personalized recovery/ rejuvenation sessions, education about sleep, time zone travel and everything else any athlete will need  to be successful at the collegiate level, and beyond.


The philosophy of the College of Charleston Sports Performance program is:

  1. Safety of the athlete always takes precedence when performing an activity
  2. The Sports Performance staff members are motivators and educators; we lead by guiding and teaching rather than ruling.
  3. The College of Charleston Sports Performance Program is based on Human Performance and Exercise Science: kinesiology, exercise physiology and biomechanics, as well as direct proven experience.
  4. Our Sports Performance facilities are safe, modern, functional, well equipped, and a source of motivation and pride for those they serve. These facilities are constantly evolving.


We, the College of Charleston Sports Performance staff, place a high priority on education, and insure that anyone working with the athletes is at the top of the educational field. All full-time staff members on the Sport Performance staff have at least 6 years of college education, including a master's degree in either exercise science or Kinesiology.

This education has not stopped since becoming a member of the staff either; we continuously strive to learn about the newest and most important scientific research involving human performance. The staff prides themselves on attending workshops and earning Continuing Education Units as prescribed by the different governing bodies of the certifications held by the staff members.


What we expect from our athletes is their absolute best. We expect them to have the same drive and passion for improvement that we do as a staff. Every day that the athlete comes in is a chance for them to improve, and we want athletes that are ready to maximize their time to maximize their abilities.

What you, the student athlete, can expect from us is cutting edge science and a drive to help you improve as an athlete and person. We will do our best every training session to help you improve as an individual and also as a team. We do not have a cookie cutter approach to training, and realize that each athlete is different and may need a separate approach, which we as a staff will accommodate.