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          Release: 08/27/2008
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Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS)

It is the mission of the Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) department to provide the assistance needed to help all student-athletes realize their personal, academic and athletics potential. This department works closely with coaches, faculty and university administration to share resources and promote the development of each College of Charleston student-athlete.

The College of Charleston and the athletic department recognizes the demanding pressures placed on student-athletes by balancing academics, athletics, family and social obligations. However, the student-athlete is ultimately responsible for maintaining eligibility. Student-athletes should maintain constant communication with their athletic advisor and coaches regarding class schedules and academic progress towards a degree.

SAAS also sponsors the Cougar Cup competition. This friendly competition between all of the sports teams focuses on ensuring that each student-athletehas a well-rounded experience, while attending the College of Charleston. It encourages excellence in athletics and academics, while awarding additional points in career development, personal growth and community service participation.

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