I. Philosophy

In all policy and program matters, members of the cheer team shall first be good humanitarians and excellent students, and secondly, shall be exemplary representatives of Delaware State University. 

II. Objectives

The DSU Cheer Program first and foremost responsibility to the student is to support and not compromise the student’s academics.  Secondly, the program should aid in developing the student participate into a responsible and mature adult. 

III. Purpose

The primary purpose of the cheerleader is to be a member of the team (“There is no “I” in “Team”), which has as its goal the support of intercollegiate athletics and Delaware State University.  That support is directed into three major areas as follows (1) to lead cheers; to raise the level of fan support for intercollegiate athletics; to lead DSU fans in positive support and to project that support to the University and its team; (2) to participate in the activity known as cheerleading by performance of partner stunts, motions, pyramids, dance movements, gymnastics; to perfect this athletic activity for keeping the crowd attention/direction focused on the field/floor where the activity is taking place, for the entertainment and competitive purposes; (3) to uphold Delaware State University’s reputation and to project the goals and ideas of the Cheer Program.

IV. Organizational Structure

The game day cheer roster is constructed as an all girls team, and the competitive roster is a co-ed team. The Cheer Program is a non-sport, which performs primarily at events of Athletics.  In addition, non-athletic events are also scheduled as a form of public relations. The Cheer Program also participates in the sport of competition. Competition(s) is not the primary function of the program. Only participants who cheer for game day events will receive scholarship.  All vision of the Delaware State University Student Code of Conduct and the rules of the Delaware State University Office of Judicial Affairs shall be applicable to the Cheerleading Code of Conduct.

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