Rifle Guidelines

By NU Athletic Communications


College Rifle Scoring Information
Air Rifle
Air Rifle TargetCourse of Fire:
Competitors stand and shoot lead pellets from .177 caliber rifles at targets 10 meters away.
Rifle: Air rifles can be either air or gas powered and weigh up to 12.12 pounds by NCAA regulations.
Time: Competitors have 75 minutes to fire 60 shots from the standing position.
Perfect Match Score: A perfect match score of 600 is the maximum for air rifle.

Smallbore TargetCourse of Fire: In smallbore three-position rifle, athletes fire .22 caliber rifles from the prone, kneeling and standing (also called offhand) positions at targets 50 feet away.
Rifle: Smallbore rifles may not exceed 17.6 pounds by NCAA regulations.
Time: Competitors have 105 minutes to fire 20 record shots in the kneeling position, 20 record shots in the prone position and 20 record shots in the standing position. 
Perfect Match Score: A perfect match score of 600 is the maximum for smallbore.

Glossary of Rifle Terms

Air rifle: A gun that uses a .177 caliber lead pellet propelled by compressed air instead of a gunpowder charge. The rifles can weigh up to 12.12 pounds.
Cleaned: A perfect target, in which the shooter hits a 10 on each of the 10 targets on the sheet for a score of 100. Can also be used to refer to a perfect match.
Front sight: The sight attached to the end of the barrel of the rifle, holding the front aperture.
Electronic targets: A target system that uses microphones and sound waves from the bullet or pellet going through the paper to send to a monitor on each point.
Iron sights: Sights that employ no magnification.
Kneeling: Shooting from a kneeling position with a sling and kneeling roll to support the position.
Off hand: The unsupported standing position. 
Perfect match score: In air rifle and smallbore, 600 is perfect.
Plug: A metal device used to score targets. Variations include the "inward plug" and "outward plug." With the inward plug, the score is determined by the contact point of the outside edge of the plug with the inside of the next highest scoring ring. With an outward plug, the score is determined by the contact point of the outer edge of the plug with the inside of the next lowest scoring ring.
Prone: Shooting from a lying position.
Record shots: Also known as "shots for record," those shots that are counted toward the match score, with "sighters" not included.
Relay: One group of shooters firing the match at the same time.
Shooting glove: A padded glove, with or without fingers, used to ensure the comfort of the non-dominant hand (i.e., a right-handed shooter wears a glove on the left hand) as the shooter supports the rifle.
Shooting jacket: The jacket is made of leather or canvas and provides support and pads the shooter to minimize the effect of pulse and recoil. There are strict guidelines regarding the thickness.
Shooting boots: Boots designed for rifle shooting. They have the toe end of the sole and the heel cut flat for stability.
Shooting trousers: Snug canvas and/or leather pants usually worn over running tights or sweatpants. They often have padded reinforcements sewn on both knees and the seat to prevent the slipping of elbows and knees when firing from the kneeling position.
Sighting shots: Practice shots taken before going "for record." Sighting shots are unlimited and may be fired before the beginning of each position. Once a position's first record shot has been fired, no further sighting shots are permitted.
Sling: Adjustable strap with buckle adjustments and arm cuffs that provide stability. A sling is attached to the rifle and helps to support it in prone and kneeling positions.
Smallbore: A .22 caliber gun with an iron sight used in competition. It can be customized with special accessories and/or alterations (barrel length and style, stock, design, etc.) to fit the shooter's needs and comforts.
Tie Breaking: In NCAA competition, ties are broken as follows: 1) by the highest number of innter 10s; 2) by the highest number of 10s, 9s, 8s, etc.  When shooting other smallbore and air rifle competitions, ties are addressed by the rulebook of either the National Rifle Association or USA Shooting.


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