Nebraska Rifle Facilities



Nebraska Rifle Range

The Nebraska Rifle Range is one of the finest training facilities in the nation. Located in the lower level of the Military and Naval Sciences building, it features 10 firing points as well as shooting stalls and electronic targets.

In April 2006, Nebraska became just the second university in the nation to add electronic targets to its rifle facilities. First seen only in international and Olympic competition, the electronic targets were added to the U.S. Air Force Academy’s facilities before the Huskers adopted the new technology.

Electronic targeting enables shooters to aim at only one target instead of 10 different targets. The machine contains a roll of black paper, which refills the open target with a clean piece of paper after every shot. Four microphones in the electronic targets sense the precision of the shot, transmitting the information to an online computer monitor.

The Husker rifle team also utilizes some of the finest all-sport facilities in the nation at Nebraska, including the Nebraska Athletic Performance Center, an advanced Athletic Medicine Center, the Lewis Training Table, the Dick and Peg Herman Family Student Life Complex, a dedicated Life Skills area and the Papik Computer lab.


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Team Room

The Nebraska Rifle team opened a new team room in 2018. The space allows the team a space to relax before and after training.



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Strength & Conditioning

The Nebraska rifle team utilizes the David and Carol Alloy Strength Complex. The model strength and conditioning program in the nation, Husker Power plays a major role in the continuing success of Nebraska Athletics. Nebraska's strength program was the first in the nation, and their facilities have set the standard in collegiate athletics since the early 1970s.