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Release: Tuesday 07/13/2020
Courtesy: Weber State
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2020 Wildcat Football: Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 10/14/20)

The Big Sky Conference has announced that it is postponing its fall 2020 football season to spring 2021. See the announcement here. Exact dates and further details are still to come. 

Wildcat Athletics and Weber State University are planning for varying scenarios for the 2020 football season, working together with local and state health officials. The health and safety of our student-athletes, staff and fans remain our top priority. All scenarios are preliminary at this time and, even after they’re finalized, would remain subject to change based on safety guidance.


At this time, there are many unknowns and will release any relevant dates regarding these topics as they become finalized. We realize that our season ticket holders and donors may have questions, and that those questions may change as information regarding the season evolves. Below you will find many answers, but if you have additional questions not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact either the Wildcat Ticket Office (801- 626-8500) or the Wildcat Club (801-626-6576)


Are the Wildcats going to be playing football in 2020?

Wildcat Football is in the process of scheduling a Spring football season.  Season ticket holder don't have to do anything to maintain their season tickets for the spring. In the coming weeks we will be contacting and communicating with our season ticket holders. As information becomes available it will be announced on our website at weberstatesports.com and all Wildcat social media platforms. Please follow all of our social media sites on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay informed. 

Do the season tickets I renewed for fall work for the spring?

Yes, if you purchased season tickets for the fall 2020 football season you tickets and any applicable donation will be converted for the spring season. 

I have health/financial concerns and do not feel comfortable committing to season tickets this year, but plan to return in 2021. Can I maintain my current season location(s)?

We are committed to working with each season ticket holder on their individual needs and unique situations. Please contact us directly at 801-626- 8500


Are payment plans still an option?

All payment plans remain intact. If you need additional flexibility to extenuating circumstances, please contact the Wildcat Ticket Office to discuss alternative options for payments.


If the spring football season is disrupted this year, can I receive a refund on my tickets?

If one or more games are canceled this season, your account will be credited for the number of games that did not occur. If the entire season is canceled, your account will be credited for the next football season. You also may choose to donate all or part of your ticket expenses to the Wildcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund or request a refund. Since we anticipate a spring season all current payments will automatically be deferred to the spring, but the other options remain.


What happens if the 2020 Spring season is canceled or abbreviated and I have already completed my required seat donation to the Wildcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund?

When the Spring Season is announced we still plan to apply your donation to the season. Donors will have the option of applying their 2020 donation to the 2021 season, transitioning this payment to a philanthropic contribution to the Wildcat Club or receiving a refund for the 2020 season.


When can I expect my season tickets and parking pass in the mail?

Season ticket holders can expect their 2020 ticket package at an undetermined date in 2021.


Can I access my tickets online?

Your tickets are always available to you in your ticketing account. Please log in, select ‘Tickets’, next to your desired tickets from the list select ‘Scan Mobile Tickets’ or ‘Print-at-Home Tickets’ depending on your preference.


I’m interested in being a new season ticket holder, where can I purchase seats?

Fans interested in becoming new season ticket holders for the 2020 season may contact the Wildcat Ticket Office at 801-626-8500 for any questions you may have. Weber State offers many ticket packages options, including individual season tickets, family season pass and business season pass.

Information and purchase options can also be found by visiting weberstatesports.com and clicking on the “ticket” header on the top of the page. There is a potential that new season tickets will not be offered this season if stadium capacity is reduced due to COVID-19 safety measures.


Will the fan fest, tailgating and parking be affected by new COVID-19 measures?

At this time, we continue to work with University, local and state health officials on any new health-related measures in the tailgate and parking lots and will release new information when it is finalized. This also includes the fan fest.


What other precautions will be taken at Stewart Stadium this year?

Our priority is the health and well-being of our student-athletes and fans. While nothing is finalized, fans should plan for extra precautions being taken at Stewart Stadium this year. This may include: designated entrances and time to be allowed in the stadium, concession purchase process adjustments, physical distancing in seats, COVID-19 screening protocols upon entrance and more. Please keep current by all of our social media sites on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay informed. Those sites are listed below.


What happens to my seat if Stewart Stadium cannot operate at 100% capacity?

We are looking into a variety of scenarios to host a safe game day, including seating inside Stewart Stadium. These scenarios could require some flexibility and patience on the part of our fans, and we greatly appreciate your help in overcoming these hurdles together. While reducing capacity is a possibility, nothing has been confirmed and we will release information as we continue to receive guidance from local and state health officials. If your seat is moved for the 2020 season your original seat location will renew for the next season. If the new seat option presented to you are not to your satisfaction, you will be able to roll your payment to next season, elect to gift to the Wildcat Fund, or request a refund.


When do single game tickets go on sale?

Single game tickets will be released based on availability about a week before the 1st game is played. Please visit weberstatesports.com or call the ticket office for purchase. Please continue to watch all Wildcat social media sites and weberstatesports.com for the most up-to-date ticket information.


What if I want to wait to get single game tickets at the gate?

All ticket purchases will require a name and either phone or email. Please be advised that ticket lines could potentially be longer due to the increased time for purchases as we work with our local health official guidelines.


What additional safety measures are being instituted at Wildcat Stadium to protect fans and student-athletes?

Wildcat Athletics staff, as well as members of our Weber State University leadership team, are meeting several times a week with University, state and local health officials to continue developing our COVID-19 readiness plan to announce this summer. The safety of our fans, student-athletes and staff remains our top priority.


Will club access be affected this year?

While nothing is official yet, we are preparing for multiple scenarios. Athletic Department officials continue to work with University, state and local officials to ensure safety for all fans. Please be prepared that it is a possibility that club level capacity will be reduced or closed.


What adjustments will be made for Wildcat Club members in the VIP tent and club seats?

Adjustments may include COVID-19 symptom screening, changes to self- serve buffet and concession options and physical distancing policies being implemented to ensure the safety of all fans.


How can I best support Wildcat student-athletes right now?

Wildcat Athletics relies heavily on the support of our season ticket holders and athletic donors. Our goal is to reduce the risk of our student-athletes receiving reduced support and opportunities to be successful. If the season is altered in any way, Wildcat Athletics will remain responsible for the educational support including scholarships, housing and wellness expenses for student-athletes. If your financial situation allows, please consider contributing in support of these incredible young men and women.



What is the best way for me to reach the Wildcat Ticket Office or the Wildcat Club staff if I have further questions or need assistance?

If you have questions or concerns beyond what is outlined above, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Wildcat Ticket Office (801-626-8500), the Wildcat Club (801-626-6576), or members of the Athletic Department listed below:


Tim Crompton, Director of Athletics tcrompton@weber.edu


Kerri Thompson, Wildcat Club and Athletics Administrative Specialist krobinson1@weber.edu


Roxanne Jorgensen, Weber State Ticket Office Manager roxannejorgensen@weber.edu