Nebraska Wrestling Facilities


The Nebraska wrestling team trains and competes at some of the top facilities in the country. After competing at the NU Coliseum for more than 80 years the Huskers now wrestle at the Devaney Center following a $20 million renovation. The team also trains at a state-of-the-art practice facility inside the Hendricks Training Complex. Look below for more details about Nebraska's wrestling facilities. 

Devaney Center

The newly renovated 7,907-seat Bob Devaney Sports Center is one of the top venues for wrestling in the country.

Following a $20 million renovation, the Devaney Center features many amenities that make it the premier wrestling venue in the nation. The renovated building includes five suites and new ceiling trusses that mimic the NU Coliseum. The Devaney Center also now includes 10MM video boards. Fan amenities include increased and renovated restrooms and updated concession stands.

Before moving to the Devaney Center, the NU Coliseum provided Husker wrestling with a distinct home advantage for more than 80 years. Located in the heart of campus right next to Memorial Stadium, the Coliseum provided the Huskers a thrilling match-day environment each and every season. A perfect setting for college wrestling, the Coliseum was home to the National Duals from 1993 to 1997, and hosted the 2009 Big 12 Championships when Nebraska claimed a share of the conference title.

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Hendricks Training Complex

The Nebraska wrestling program experienced some major facility improvements in the fall of 2011, starting with the addition of the Hendricks Training Complex.

The Hendricks Training Complex provides four full-sized practice mats, office suites and areas for both strength and conditioning and athletic medicine at the Bob Devaney Sports Center. The facility was completed in October of 2011.

The Nebraska wrestling room has four new mats that have a thicker underlayment, creating a safer environment for practice. The room also features an athletic medicine area and a cardio area adjacent to the mats.



Locker Room and Lounge

The Hendricks Training Complex, opened in 2011, houses the wrestling offices, locker room, weight room and wrestling room, all just steps from each other, providing an atmosphere conducive to elite training.

The Husker wrestling locker room features 40 custom-made lockers with back-lit displays, doubling the space from the Devaney Center. The Huskers also enjoy a lounge area, where they can relax in between classes and practice.



Strength and Conditioning

The model strength and conditioning program in the nation, Husker Power plays a major role in the continuing success of Nebraska Athletics. Nebraska's strength program was the first in the nation, and is one of the most comprehensive strength and conditioning organizations in the country. 

The Hendricks Training Complex features a 5,000-square foot weight room that is used by the wrestling team on a daily basis. Along with the athletic training room and locker room, it is just steps away from their practice facility.

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Nebraska Wrestling Office Address: 110 Hendricks Training Complex, 1600 Court St., Lincoln, NE 68588