Welcome to the 12thman.com Media Information Center. This site is intended to be a resource for professional media and help them in their coverage of Texas A&M Athletics. If there is any information not located here that would be helpful to you, or if you have any technical problems or questions, contact Digital Media Director Matt Simon. While it is our aim to fulfill all reasonable requests in a timely fashion, we do reserve the right to deny interview or credential requests at any time.

Texas A&M Media Credential Policies

Credentialing by the Texas A&M Athletics Department for event coverage is based on several factors which together are intended to provide a working atmosphere conducive to professional media coverage and practices.

Credentialing priority for all sports is given to professional media outlets that cover Texas A&M Athletics on an active, consistent and comprehensive basis. Authorized outlets are established, active, legitimate journalistic endeavors with a proven history of comprehensive coverage.


Newspapers: Preference will be given to those newspapers which cover all Texas A&M football games or the opposing team. Newspapers which cover all home games receive the next priority. All newspapers must be dailies with a Sunday edition.

Weekly newspapers: No credentials will be provided to weekly newspapers.

Television: Preference will be given to those stations which cover all Texas A&M football games or the opposing team. Stations which cover all home games receive the next priority. All stations must have regular nightly sports segments with a full-time sports director/talent.

Radio Stations: Credentials will be limited to national networks, the two originating team broadcasts, Texas A&M area stations and the opposing team's hometown stations, if these stations have a sports director and regular daily sports shows. Considerations will also be made for alternate language broadcasts which cover all Texas A&M or visiting team games. Credentials will be granted on a space available basis. These stations must cover the athletic program on a regular, year-round basis as determined by the Media Relations Director of the respective institutions.

Photographers: Only staff photographers who represent national wire services, national magazines and accredited daily newspapers with a Sunday edition will be considered for sideline credentials. Photos are for editorial use by the credentialed organization only. Photographs used for any other purpose must receive prior written permission from the Texas A&M athletics department. There is no photo space available in the press box.  No cutline writers, grips or messengers will be allowed in this area due to congestion.

Kyle Field Photographer Sideline Policy

Only credentialed media members in a working capacity are permitted at field level during the game. Photographers must adhere to all sideline regulations and are asked to be considerate of other photographers.

Only personnel representing the national network televising the game are allowed beyond the photographer line surrounding the playing surface. ONLY WORKING PHOTOGRAPHERS & GAME DAY PERSONNEL are permitted on the grass between the track and the photographer line, ALL OTHERS MUST REMAIN ON THE TRACK.

Media members on the sideline are not to enter the bench area and asked not to shoot into the bench area from directly behind it.

Photographers shooting from behind the end zones are asked to kneel so as not to block the view of spectators. No grips or assistants are permitted at field level unless previously granted permission from the Texas A&M media relations staff.

Magazines: Only national circulation sport-specific magazines which cover college football will be considered for credentials.

School Outlets: Credentials for school outlets are limited to each participating institution. A maximum of two press and two photo credentials will be considered for each of the institutions' designated school newspaper. A maximum of one reporter and two photo credentials will be considered for each school's educational TV channel. A maximum of one photo credential will be considered for a school yearbook.

Internet Sites: Credentials will be granted to the official website of each participating institution, the Southeastern Conference and contractual rights-fee paying media and/or the official online service of the national network televising the game. Also receiving consideration will be websites that are part of a national network and those that are affiliated with a national media entity of another form and/or those organizations whose primary purpose is gathering news and disseminating it and for which other commercial activities are ancillary (e.g. espn.com, cbssports.com, si.com, etc.)

Online media with an emphasis on the recruitment of prospective student-athletes (that meet the above qualification) can request a credential(s) for the purpose of writing a game/event recap. These requests will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Texas A&M Media Relations Department. Contact with prospective student-athletes while on the Texas A&M campus is strictly prohibited.

Due to the multitude and wide-ranging requests from outlets that fall under this category, all requests are subject to review by the Texas A&M Media Relations Department with emphasis on the following areas.

1) Must show intent to be viable news organization, not fan-centric site

2) Overwhelming majority of content must be original-news stories, not satirical/fan-related posts or re-posts of non-original news from other media outlets

3) Cannot be inflammatory toward others schools, media outlets

4) Must have established record of meeting the above criteria, either by individual or organization

Credentials will not be granted to any online agency operating sites that are in any way affiliated with gambling. Nor will credentials be granted to “fan-submitted” or un-edited sites that are not affiliated with an established news-gathering organization and/or sites whose sole entity is fan-generated message boards that allow the posting of anonymous comments.

Blogging: The Texas A&M Athletics Department does not credential bloggers. Media representatives already covering the game for an approved media outlet may participate in blogging in accordance with blogging policies of the NCAA and SEC.

NCAA Compliance: Credentialed media members must adhere to NCAA rules and any NCAA violations are grounds for the revoking of a credential. Specifically, contact with prospective student-athletes is strictly prohibited on the Texas A&M campus.

Parking Passes: Due to limited availability at most athletic venues on the Texas A&M campus, one parking pass per organization may be considered, if available. Requests must be made in advance of any schedule athletic contest to be consider.

Media Will Call

Media will call is located at Entry 3 (west side of stadium underneath press box).

Media Parking

Media parking is in Lot H (61), just to the west of Kyle Field across from the railroad tracks and situated north of the West Campus Parking Garage.

Contact the Media Relations Office (979-845-5725) well in advance for information on obtaining a pass.

Satellite/Microwave Remotes

Outlets wishing to bring satellite and microwave news units to Kyle Field must contact the SID office (979-845-5725) prior to Wednesday of the game to assure adequate parking space is available near the stadium.

Press Box

Access to the press box is located at Entry 3 on the stadium's west side.

You can enter the press box through elevators located at the base of the west side stands underneath the large "KYLE FIELD" lettering on the stadium's side.

Broadcast media (Radio, TV) will be located on Level 8. Print media will be located in the main press box on Level 9.

All media must have a proper credential for entry. Contact the Media Relations Office (979-845-5725) well in advance for information on obtaining a pass.

Postgame Interview Policy

At home games, postgame interviews with Texas A&M players and coaches are conducted in a specially-equipped interview room located in the southeast corner of the stadium. The A&M locker room is closed at all times to media. Interview requests will be taken late in the game and every effort will be made to ensure that requested players are available. There will be no interviews conducted on the field, except for the televison network that is broadcasting the game. Members of the Texas A&M media relations staff will help direct you to the postgame interview area.

Visting team postgame press conference will be conducted in a room directly off the visitor's locker room in the southeast corner of the stadium. Visiting team postgame policy differs by team. Media members should contact the visiting SID at the game for information.

Media Guides

Links to Texas A&M's official media guides will be posted below as they become available.

Game Notes

Official game notes will be posted on select sports' websites throughout the season to aid your coverage of Texas A&M teams. Links will be posted below to access.

General University Quick Facts

Official game notes will be posted on select sports' websites throughout the season to aid your coverage of Texas A&M teams. Links will be posted below to access.

  • LOCATION: College Station, Texas 77842
  • FOUNDED: 1872 (opened 1876)
  • ENROLLMENT: 62,185 (fall 2014)
  • PRESIDENT: Dr. Mark A. Hussey (Illinois '77)
  • CHANCELLOR: John Sharp (Texas A&M '72)
  • FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE: Dr. Tom Adair (Texas A&M `57)
  • ATHLETICS DIRECTOR: Eric Hyman (North Carolina '73)
  • SENIOR WOMEN'S ADMINISTRATOR: Samantha Huge (Gordon '92)
  • DIRECTOR OF ATHLETIC COMPLIANCE: David Batson (Sam Houston State '87)
  • CONFERENCE: Southeastern
  • NICKNAME: Aggies
  • MASCOT: Reveille VII (American Collie)
  • COLORS: Maroon (pantone 505) and White

Quick Facts - By Sport

All quick facts are in PDF format. Click on the links below. Files will be added when available.


For football and men’s basketball credentials, please request via www.sportssystems.com/seccredentials. For sports other than football and men’s basketball please contact the media relations contact for that sport via the staff link above.

Photo and Video Requests

Accredited and professional broadcast outlets should contact the Media Relations Office regarding interest in high-resolution photos, video clips or highlights. Not all requests will be able to be honored.