Methods of Contribution

Cash & Other Gifts
Includes company and personal checks, AMEX, VISA and MasterCard, as well as the donation of stocks, securities and real estate.
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Monthly Draft of a Checking Account or Credit Card
We will draft your account on a monthly basis for whatever amount you choose. Drafts are charged on the fifth day of each month, or the closest working day to the fifth.

Employer Matching Gifts
Doubles or triples the impact of your gift, and increases your membership level and associated benefits. Check with your employer's personnel office to see if it matches charitable contributions.

Athletic Scholarship Endowments
Can be named in honor of individual or organization. Provides for a student-athlete's tuition, room, meals, books and fees.

In-Kind Gifts
Includes any professional service, product or equipment which is of use to the Athletic Foundation.

Planned & Estate Gifts
Includes life income arrangements from trusts, annuities, pooled income funds, etc., as well as life insurance policies and individual estate bequests, such as cash or real estate.

Tax Implications
All contributions to the 49er Club are considered gifts to the Charlotte 49ers Athletic Foundation and are credited at full value for purposes of the member's University gift record.

However, a contribution to the 49er Club which entitles the donor to priority assignment of men's basketball season tickets is 80 percent deductible for income tax purposes, according to Internal Revenue Code, Section 170 (l).

In addition, the Internal Revenue Service has ruled that this 80 percent portion of your gift is only tax deductible to the extent that it exceeds the value of the benefits you receive. The Athletic Foundation has estimated the fair market value of the benefits described in this brochure and this information is available upon request.