Swim Requirement

All undergraduate students must complete a 50-yard swim as part of the graduation
requirement for Physical Education.  Any student who is unable to complete the 50-yard swim, may fulfill this requirement by successfully completing a course in beginning swimming.  If the student chooses this option, the Beginning Swim class may not count towards the 3 credit requirement .

The Lifeguard on duty will verify your completion of the requirement on a Swim Requirement Card. Bring this card to the PE Office, Room 167, Alumni Gym.


Beginning Swimming
(You need to provide your own goggles. If you have long hair, you should wear a swim cap for class.)

Section 01 - CRN#  60609
M/W  5:40 pm - 6:30 pm
KM Tunnel
Instructor:  Ruth Systma
Cost:  $20.00

June 25 -  August 17, 2018



 Section 02 - CRN#  
M/W  6:30 pm - 7:20 pm
KM Tunnel
Instructor:  Allyson Delaney
Cost:  $20.00