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Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
Trev Alberts, Vice Chancellor, Athletics 402-554-2305
Ann Oatman, Senior Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator 402-554-3270
Mike Amundson, Associate Athletic Director - External Operations 402-554-2161
Brent Meyer, Associate Athletic Director - Internal Operations 402-554-4054
Mike Kemp, Associate Athletic Director - Events & Facilities 402-554-3629
Roxie Freeman, Administrative Assistant 402-554-2533
Leadership Support   Return To Top
Connie Claussen, Athletic Director Emeritus
Don Leahy, Athletic Director Emeritus
Dr. Bill Wakefield, Faculty Athletic Representative 402-554-3568
Baxter Arena   Return To Top
Mike Kemp, Associate Athletic Director - Events & Facilities 402-554-3629
Ryan Weiss, Director of Arena Operations 402-554-6202
Michael Smith, Director of Event Services 402-554-6211
Katie Dinning, Event Manager 402-554-6205
Cricket Gielle, Event Manager 402-554-6205
Skylar Lewis, Box Office Coordinator 402-554-6206
Garrett Hepperly, Community Ice Coordinator
Pete Petrini, Maintenance Supervisor 402-554-6208
Ron Natale, Operations Supervisor 402-554-6207
Academic Success   Return To Top
Lindsey Ekwerekwu, Associate Athletic Director - Academics 402-554-4965
Dani Brooke, Director of Student-Athlete Development 402-554-2577
Kortne Bacca, Athletic Academic Coordinator 402-554-4050
Athletic Communications   Return To Top
Dave Ahlers, Assistant Athletic Director - Communications (HK, T&F, XC, GOLF) 402-554-3387
Bonnie Ryan, Associate Director of Communications (MBB, BSB, VB, S&D, WTEN) 402-554-3267
Shad Beam, Assistant Director of Communications (MSOC, WSOC, WBB, SB, MTEN) 402-554-2140
Sam Murphy, Student Assistant (S&D)
Athletic Performance   Return To Top
Dr. Matt Beacom, Associate Athletic Director - Performance 402-554-2774
Mike Nicola, Head Athletic Trainer (MBB) 402-554-3184
Josh Englebretson, Assistant Athletic Trainer (HK, GOLF) 402-554-3783
Emily Gorman, Assistant Athletic Trainer (MSOC, T&F) 402-554-4997
Jo Lynn, Assistant Athletic Trainer (VB, WTEN) 402-554-3174
Tony Taylor, Assistant Athletic Trainer (WBB, MTEN) 402-554-3278
Natalie Vert, Certified Athletic Training Intern (WSOC) 402-554-3783
Andrew Fritz, Graduate Assistant, Athletic Training (BSB, T&F) 402-554-4997
Victoria LaBrie, Graduate Assistant, Athletic Training (SB, S&D) 402-554-4997
Taryn Ninemire, Physical Therapist 402-554-3112
Aaron Gorshe, Assistant Strength Coach 402-554-3197
Logan Ogden, Assistant Strength Coach 402-554-3197
Michael Shukis, Assistant Strength Coach 402-554-3197
Business Office   Return To Top
Wendy Cross, Accounts Payable/Payroll 402-554-2221
Melissa Malmberg, Business Operations Coordinator 402-554-3133
Compliance   Return To Top
Brian Carey, Associate Athletic Director Compliance Compliance 402-554-3751
Samantha VanLandingham, Compliance Coordinator 402-554-4051
Development   Return To Top
Patrick Morris, Associate Athletic Director - Advancement 402-554-2569
Terry Hanna, Director of Development 402-502-4106
Equipment Management   Return To Top
Billy Sanders, Head Equipment Manager 402-554-3791
Iggy Tarajos, Equipment Manager - Hockey 402-554-2307
Marketing & Ticketing   Return To Top
Brian Logan, Director of Ticket Operations 402-554-4142
Pam Schwarting, Director of Community Relations 402-554-3689
Nick Burkhardt, Director of Video Production
Phil Manley, Live Event Director 402-554-6226
Andrew Constans, Digital Content Producer
Learfield Sports   Return To Top
Eric Melch, Account Executive 402-554-3882
Operations & Facilities   Return To Top
Ethan Anderson, Assistant Athletic Director - Event Management 402-554-2695
Kevin Brady, Assistant Operations Coordinator 402-554-2606
Baseball   Return To Top
Evan Porter, Interim Head Coach 402-554-2141
Chris Gadsden, Assistant Coach 402-554-2141
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Derrin Hansen, Head Coach 402-554-2305
Pat Eberhart, Assistant Coach 402-554-3142
Tyler Erwin, Assistant Coach 402-554-2104
Tyler Bullock, Assistant Coach 402-554-3394
Brett Putz, Director of Men's Basketball Operations 402-554-2574
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Seth Porter, Head Coach 402-554-2013
Easton Key, Assistant Coach 402-554-2013
Hockey   Return To Top
Dean Blais, Head Coach 402-554-6284
Mike Gabinet, Associate Head Coach 402-554-3078
Leigh Mendelson, Assistant Coach 402-554-3423
Kirk Thompson, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Sam Spomer, Director of Hockey Operations 402-554-2869
Josh Englebretson, Athletic Trainer 402-554-3783
Iggy Tarajos, Equipment Manager 402-554-2307
Aaron Gorshe, Strength & Conditioning Coach 402-554-3197
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Jason Mims, Head Coach 402-596-5927
Tim Walters, Assistant Coach 402-619-9902
Daniel Galvis, Volunteer Assistant
Vicente Luis, Team Manager
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Tyson Thomas, Head Coach 402-658-4544
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Brittany Lange, Head Coach 402-554-3269
Lee Aduddell, Assistant Coach 402-554-4967
Sadie Murren, Director of Women's Basketball Operations 402-554-2301
Rodney Rogan, Assistant Coach 402-250-6185
Kirk Walker, Assistant Coach 402-554-2002
Cross Country   Return To Top
Chris Richardson, Head Coach 402-554-3265
Cliff Cisar, Assistant Coach 402-554-5910
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Seth Porter, Head Coach 402-554-2013
Easton Key, Assistant Coach 402-554-2013
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Don Klosterman, Head Coach 402-554-4962
Tim Bennett, Assistant Coach 503-729-9054
Adam Hooi, Assistant Coach
Softball   Return To Top
D.J. Sanchez, Head Coach 402-554-3477
Ryan Wondrasek, Assistant Coach 402-554-2952
Swimming & Diving   Return To Top
Todd Samland, Head Coach 402-554-2346
Jessica Hessel, Assistant Coach - Swimming 402-554-2346
Eric Sprague, Assistant Coach - Diving 402-312-3698
Jean Apker, Volunteer Assistant Coach 402-554-2346
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Adam Summitt, Head Coach 402-554-3931
Track & Field   Return To Top
Chris Richardson, Head Coach 402-554-3265
Cliff Cisar, Assistant Coach 402-554-5910
Ryan Finley, Assistant Coach 402-554-5910
Jill Scanlan, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Volleyball   Return To Top
Rose Shires, Head Coach 402-554-3407
Karen Povondra, Associate Head Coach 402-554-3275
Elena Pietro, Assistant Coach 402-554-2615
Tyler Yanez, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Joy Leick, Director of Volleyball Operations 402-554-3931