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_Legislative / Rules Education - Archives 2017-18

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New Legislation: Financial Aid
_Legislative / Rules Education 06/11/2018

There are two new exceptions to our financial aid bylaw, please read on to learn what they are and how they will work in practice!

New Legislation: Transfer Release
_Legislative / Rules Education 05/29/2018

On August 1, 2018, a new exception to the transfer release will go into effect. Read this brief to help you navigate this new exception!

New Legislation: Season of Competition.
_Legislative / Rules Education 05/14/2018

This week we're diving into the changes found in the season of competition definition in Article V, Section B, Item 18. This includes a breakdown of the changes to unattached.

New Legislation: Football Practice Regulations
_Legislative / Rules Education 04/30/2018

Come check out the first of our New Legislation series! It contains our case study scenarios as we discuss the new football practice regulations.

Case Study: Summer Competition
_Legislative / Rules Education 04/02/2018

Students competing off-campus in the summer can be nerve-wracking. Read the following to make sure you take the proper precautions to ensure their eligibility when they get back!

Case Study: We're talking about Practice!
_Legislative / Rules Education 03/19/2018

Today we are talking about who can and cannot practice for your institution's teams. So if there are practices on your campus then you are going to want to read this one!

Case Study: International Competition
_Legislative / Rules Education 03/05/2018

Each year Legislative Services gets many questions about international competition, how it works, what are the implications, & what can a school do to ensure everything is above board, are you ready?

Case Study: 12-Hour Enrollment Rule
_Legislative / Rules Education 02/19/2018

The 12-hour enrollment rule appears easy and straightforward at first glance, but like everything it has its wrinkles that can be tricky. Check out some case studies in this week's legislative brief.

Case Study: Student-Athletes and Dual Roles
_Legislative / Rules Education 02/05/2018

We explore what student-athletes can do off the field, court, mat, or pool.

Case Study: Amateurism
_Legislative / Rules Education 01/22/2018

We understand that Amateurism can be tricky, so here are some case study scenarios from questions we have received over the past year about amateurism.

Case Study: Scheduling and Forfeits
_Legislative / Rules Education 01/08/2018

In this brief we are going to present you with three scenarios that dive deeper into forfeits, the implications on frequency of play, and scheduling.

Case Study: Residency
_Legislative / Rules Education 12/18/2017

Inter-Term, Transfer Student, Identification, Eligibility, Military Service