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_Legislative / Rules Education - Archives 2017-18

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Case Study: Mid-Year Transfer
_Legislative / Rules Education 12/04/2017

Season of Competition, Discontinued Sport, Junior College Transfer, Graduate Student

Season of Competition Flowchart
_Legislative / Rules Education 11/22/2017

Season of Competition, Unattached, Intercollegiate Competition, Outside Experience, Elite Level

Case Study: How to Apply Inter-Term Hours
_Legislative / Rules Education 11/14/2017

Transfer Hours, Transcript, 24/36-Hour Rule, Progress Rule, 12-Hour Rule, Inter-Term

Case Study: Certification Between Inter-Term
_Legislative / Rules Education 11/06/2017

ECP, Certification, Inter-Terms, Spring Semester, Eligibility

Case Study: Playing and Practicing Between Terms
_Legislative / Rules Education 10/30/2017

Eligibility, Seasons of Competition, Transfer, Graduation, Ineligible, Identification

Case Study: What is an Administrative Error?
_Legislative / Rules Education 10/23/2017

Eligibility Certification Process, Potential Violations, Academically Eligible, Eligibility Center Determination

Case Study: Hardship Request from time at a Non-NAIA Institution
_Legislative / Rules Education 10/16/2017

Hardship, Season of Competition, Summer League, Term of Attendance, Injury

Terms of Attendance: Part 2
_Legislative / Rules Education 10/10/2017

24/36-Hour Rule, Non-Term, Inter-Term, Term of Attendance, Eligibility

Implications of Letters of Intent
_Legislative / Rules Education 10/02/2017

Recruitment, Letters of Intent, Financial Aid Statement, Commitment

Termination of Eligibility
_Legislative / Rules Education 09/25/2017

Termination of Eligibility, Terms of Attendance, Eligibility, 10 Semesters, 15 Quarters, Season of Competition, Graduation

Dismissals and Suspensions: Part 2
_Legislative / Rules Education 09/19/2017

Academic Suspension, Dismissal, Conference, Junior College

Dismissals and Suspensions: Part 1
_Legislative / Rules Education 09/12/2017

Suspension, Dismissal, Expelled, Team Rules, Policy, Enforcement, Terms